10 Best Bones for Dogs Buying Guide in 2019

10 Best Bones for Dogs Buying Guide in 2019

There’s that cartoon stereotype that dogs always have a bone in their mouths. This is because dogs usually lick or gnaw bones for many reasons, such as for the flavor or simply just to gnaw at something and take out their stress, much like why cats need scratching posts. This is when you may want to look for the best bones for dogs if you haven’t bought one for your dog yet.

Dogs benefit a lot from chewing bones. For instance, it helps them develop a better set of teeth, much like how babies who chew on teething toys can have a better teething stage. What’s more, nothing interests Fido more than having a chew toy if they can’t go outside or if they’re bored indoors! 

Wishbone-shaped dog bones are the best to give to your dog, but as long as it is safely-designed with dog-grade ingredients and without sharp corners, it can be a good starter for dog bones. 

What are dog bones?

Dogs love to chew, and that’s why companies have been making a unique product for them, such as a dog bone. They are hard bones, either made with natural bone or ingredients, such as rawhide, or flavored toys that can be chewed safely.

Our Top Pick

Pet Factory 78109 100% American Beefhide

Best Rawhide Bones For DogsKey Features

  • Made with natural rawhide
  • 99% digestible for dogs
  • No GMOs or preservatives

A Glance

We chose this rawhide bone for dogs as our top pick because of its natural rawhide ingredients, which can be an ideal choice for most dogs and for owners who don’t want their buddy to digest artificial stuff, especially for heavy chewers, since it also doesn’t break apart easily. Each pack has 18 rolls that your dog can enjoy and since they have different flavors (chicken or beef), they might be a good dog treat for them as well. 

What we also like about this dog bone is that it doesn’t contain any GMOs or preservatives and it’s been independently tested by labs for food safety. Most dog owners will tell you that rawhide is the best ingredient for dogs who are heavy chewers, anyway.

Top 10 Best Bones for Dogs

1. Nylabone Dura Chew Petit Bacon – Best Chew Bones For Dogs

Best Chew Bones For DogsIf your dog loves bacon treats then they might like this bacon-flavored dog bone pack, which also comes with a free chicken-flavored bone. It is ideal for dogs up to 35 pounds or medium-sized breeds, but there’s also a larger version that is good for dogs who are 50 pounds or more. Dog-grade nylon is used for this chew toy that can be hard to destroy (especially for aggressive chewers) yet not toxic to Fido.

The chew toy has a unique design so that it can help clean your dog’s teeth (as if brushing them) while they are chewing the bone, which can be an effective way of controlling their plaque and tartar problems, which may lead to bad breath eventually. 

  • Available in different sizes
  • Two flavors are included
  • Can be ideal for aggressive chewers
  • Can be used by teething puppies
  • Dog teeth could mark the bone

2. Pet ‘n Shape Knee Cap Bone – Best Raw Bones For Dogs

Best Raw Bones For DogsIf you want a completely raw dog bone, you may want to consider this one, since it contains no artificial colors, additives, or preservatives. What’s more, dogs who are allergic to corn, wheat, and soy, can benefit from this dog bone. It is also made with a pure beef bone that your dog can easily chew and would like due to the flavor. 

Because of its size, you can find it okay for small, medium, or large dogs. Each pack contains 5 knee caps and since it’s not that greasy or fatty, it can be good for adult and senior dogs who are on a special diet that requires them to lessen fat from their daily meals. It’s also not too brittle for dogs to chew.

  • Pure beef bone
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Made without soy, corn  or wheat
  • Not too brittle for dogs
  • Doesn’t contain too much grease
  • May not last long enough for most dogs

3. Indigenous Dental Health Bones Original – Best Dental Bones For Dogs

Best Dental Bones For DogsFor dogs with bad breath and teeth problems, you may want to consider a dental health bone treat pack like this one. It contains zero gluten and grain so it is going to be safe for dogs with allergies to such. Since it can be easily snapped in half, you can feed it for all sizes of dogs – from small to large ones. 

Since it was made without preservatives or artificial flavorings, it can be a healthy choice for your dog. The formula of each dental health bone is easy to digest for dogs due to the included probiotics (good for their gut). It also contains a bit of omega-3 fatty acids, which can be crucial for your dog’s skin and coat health.

  • Has probiotics for gut health
  • Includes omega-3 fatty acids for a shiny coat
  • Can help with bad breath due to the fresh flavor
  • Ideal for all sizes of dogs
  • No grain or gluten
  • Dogs who are used to chewing rawhide may not like the taste

4. Whimzees Natural Grain Free Daily Dental – Best Bones For Dogs Teeth

Best Bones For Dogs TeethAs yet another pack of treats that can be good for your dog’s teeth, this one contains 56 sticks in one pack. The container has a good design such that you can use its handle to carry it anywhere with your dog to instantly give them the treat. Each treat is low in fat, free from GMOs, grain, and gluten, so it can be a good healthy option for your buddy.

There are also hollow spaces in each dog treat so it can possibly effectively clean your dog’s teeth while they are chewing it. It also helps them to easily grip each dog chew due to the design. Since it is also high in fiber, the dog treats can help improve their digestive system.

  • No GMOs, grain, or gluten
  • Easy to grip for dogs
  • The hollow designs can help clean teeth while chewing
  • The container is easy to carry around
  • Limited ingredients for sensitive dog tummies
  • Hard to find XL packs for large dogs

5. SmartBones Mini Peanut Butter – Best Bones For Small Dogs

Best Bones For Small DogsIf you have a small dog, they may like these dog treats, which can be an alternative to rawhide. Each dog treat piece is made with peanut butter and chicken breast, both of which can be good for your dog, since most dogs like peanut butter and the chicken breast are filled with sufficient protein for their muscles, which can be good for actively playing or sporting dogs.

Since the dog treats can be easy to chew, it can provide your dog with sufficient entertainment and activity to help with their teeth as well. This dog treat pack is best for dogs who are 20 pounds or less. Most dog breeds who may love them include terriers, Pekingese, and other toy breeds.

  • Includes chicken for protein
  • Has peanut butter for a good dog taste
  • Easy to chew for small and toy dog breeds
  • No rawhide
  • Possible packaging issues (depending on batch)

6. Pet Factory 78109 100% American Beefhide – Best Rawhide Bones For Dogs

Best Rawhide Bones For DogsDogs who love rawhide may want to try this one since it is made with pure ingredients. Each pack contains 18 rolls of rawhide with assorted flavors/ingredients of either chicken or beef. It also has sufficient moisture at about 15% so it can still provide hydration for dogs while chewing (but you still need to give them water from time to time, as with all dog bones/treats).

Made without preservatives or additives, the dog bones passed independent lab tests and international standards for food safety, and thus, they are digestible and an alternative to plastic toys in the market. 

Rawhide can be a good chewing toy for your dog, since not only is it natural, but it is also high in protein content, which can be important for your dog’s physical activities. What’s more, each dog treat is made without GMOs or preservatives to make sure it’s dog-friendly.

  • Made with natural rawhide
  • 99% digestible for dogs
  • No GMOs or preservatives
  • Has two flavors for dogs
  • May not last long for some dogs

7. 123 Treats Dog Bone Knee Caps – Best Natural Bones For Dogs

Best Natural Bones For DogsIf you want a natural bone for your dog, this one has different sizes so it can be okay for small, medium, or large dogs. Each dog bone is made from hand-sourced meat from cattle from Brazil, all of which are free-range. They are made without artificial fillers or preservatives so your dog only gets the good stuff. 

You can order ten, thirty, or sixty pieces of the dog bones depending on your budget and needs. Because they are wrapped individually, they can be more organized and don’t get too fussy to give to your dog. This also helps them to stay durable during shipping. German Shepherd puppies could chew on this just fine due to their decent size and shape.

  • Made from free-range cattle from Brazil
  • Good for different sizes of dogs
  • Available in different sizes 
  • Made without artificial preservatives or fillers
  • Could be too dry for some dogs

8. Nylabone Dura Chew X-Large – Best Chew Bones For Large Dogs

Best Chew Bones For Large DogsFor those who have larger dogs, you may want to try this one due to its larger size. It has different flavors available: bacon, chicken, beef jerky, original, and peanut butter. The dog chew bone is made with textures so it can be easy to hold and it also works like a toothbrush in keeping your dog’s teeth clean, so it’s not only for heavy chewers but also for dogs with bad breath due to plaque and tartar.

This chew bone is intended for dogs who are 50 pounds or more. If you have a dachshund, bulldog, German shepherd or labrador, this would be a good chew toy for them, especially for powerful and aggressive chewers who easily finish most dog bones that you give to them.

  • Great for aggressive chewers
  • Different flavors available
  • Has texture for easy holding and teeth cleaning
  • Right size for most larger dog breeds
  • Could be painful (like LEGOs) if you accidentally step on it

9. Earth Animal No-Hide Chicken Chews – Best Animal Bones For Dogs

Best Animal Bones For DogsIf you want another alternative to rawhide, this pack of chicken chews can be a good suggestion for your dog. It contains 4-inch chews in each pack, all of which are cooked and rolled just right for easy chewing for most dogs. They are all made without artificial additives or chemicals to be safe for your dog, and the chickens used for each dog chew were humanely kept and raised.

You can order three packs at once or you can also go for 6 packs in one go if your dog loves them a lot. Dogs such as chihuahuas may love this one due to being easy to chew and having just the right size for them. The chicken chews also include olive oil, eggs, and banana for a healthy and balanced diet.

  • Alternative to rawhide
  • No chemicals or additives
  • No preservatives
  • Easy to chew for most dog sizes
  • Some of the chews don’t have equal sizes

10. Baxter Boy Roasted Beef Knuckle Bone – Best Meaty Bones For Dogs

Best Meaty Bones For DogsComing in three pieces per pack, this set of chews can be good for dogs who want more meat in their dog bones than most regular chews on the market. Since it has a good amount of meat, it is purely digestible and easy to chew for most dogs. Each of these knucklebones is also made without awful smells and come from free-range cattle, which are grass-fed and USDA-certified.

The bones also contain omega-3 fatty acids, which can keep your dog’s coat shiny. Among the minerals included are magnesium and calcium, which can be good for keeping your dog’s bones strong. The size of each of the chews can be just fine for medium and large breeds. Each pack contains three knucklebones.

  • Sourced from free-range cattle
  • USDA-certified company/facility
  • A good amount of meat
  • Ideal for medium and large breeds
  • May not last long for most dogs

Best Bones for Dogs

Do you want to know more about bones for dogs? Here are some things you may want to find out before you buy:

What do dog bones do for dogs?

Most dogs might benefit from chewing bones because of the following:

  1. They help strengthen their teeth.
  2. Dog bones usually taste and smell good.
  3. It can be a good pastime against boredom and anxiety.
  4. It can also help freshen their breath.
  5. Some bones can help with your dog’s teeth problems.

How do I choose the right dog bones?

To choose the appropriate dog bone for your buddy, you should consider the following criteria:

  1. Your dog’s age. Pups may need a different dog bone than adults since they are in their teething stage. Consider ones that are easier to chew.
  2. Your dog’s size/breed. Bigger dogs may need a bigger bone because they may tend to swallow the bone if it is smaller, which can cause choking hazards. 
  3. The type of bone and durability. Wishbone designs are usually the most appropriate ones since they don’t easily break down into smaller pieces. A non-durable bone could cause choking hazards to your dog.
  4. Design of the bone. Most bones nowadays for dogs are designed to be easy to hold for them, since dogs don’t have fingers, after all.

Which bones are safe for dogs to chew?

Bones that are safe for dogs to chew on are the following:

  1. Raw meat from cattle. Consider bones that are from free-range cattle and that are whole and durable so that they don’t easily break down when your dog chews on them. Raw meat also contains more flavor that dogs love.
  2. Rawhide. Most dog owners will tell you that rawhide is the best type of dog chew or bone due to its natural texture, which can also help strengthen and clean your dog’s teeth and breath.
  3. Kneecaps. In some cases, dogs will also like kneecaps, which are usually made from natural and organic sources, such as free-range cattle as well. They tend to be smaller, so they may be ideal for smaller dogs.

As much as possible, don’t give them bones from chickens and pigs, since they may cause choking due to their size and shape, which has a few sharp shards, unlike large, solid raw meat bones. Most of them even have high levels of bacteria.

FAQs of Dog Bones

Are rawhide bones safe for dogs or not?
Yes, as long as the rawhide is just the right size and do not break down easily, you can give them safely for your dog.

Make sure that the bones are durable yet can be chewed by your dog just fine.

Are their alternatives to rawhide?
Yes, there are many alternatives to rawhide.

We’ve mentioned some products above that are like dog treats but instead of just eating, they are meant to be gnawed and chewed like rawhide but don’t contain rawhide at all.

Which bones are the best for dogs to chew?
Most dog owners say that rawhide and raw meat are the best options for dogs to chew because they are natural.

As much as possible, avoid those that are made with purely synthetic ingredients or materials, especially ones that are easily breakable, to keep your dog from accidentally eating plastic!

Does rawhide have any benefits?
Dogs chewing rawhide does have some benefits, such as the following:

  1. It helps with anxiety. Dogs will chew anything they see if they feel anxious, such as those with separation anxiety. Therefore, it helps that they keep themselves busy by chewing a bone.
  2. Chewing is in their DNA. Dogs naturally want to chew something, since it’s in their instinct. Therefore, giving them something to chew is kind of important for them. 
  3. You’ll save your furniture and shoes. Most dogs will probably target your leather shoes or even your tables and chairs if you don’t give them a bone (or anything) to chew on.
  4. Great for teething puppies. Most rawhide bones can be ideal for puppies who are just beginning to develop their teeth, much like how we give human babies a teething toy.

Do dental chews really help with dog’s teeth?
Yes! Dental chews, according to a study, can significantly help with dog’s teeth in fighting plaque and tartar, which may cause bad breath.

Therefore, having dog bones that are also dental chews in a sense can help with your doggy breath problems!


In the long run, bones can be chewed by dogs, but they should be chosen carefully so as not to cause choking hazards and other untoward incidents. After all, dogs do need something to chew on, and plastic toys aren’t exactly the right ones for them. And of course, you wouldn’t want them chewing your sofa, either!

When you want to buy chew bones for dogs, you may want to consider ones that are made with natural ingredients and those with easy design for dogs to hold, and ones that aren’t easy to break down (like the ones we listed above). After all, dogs don’t have fingers like us, so they must be able to chew their bone properly and comfortably!

We hope you enjoyed our top picks for the best bones for dogs, and hope that these can help you decide on which bone to buy for your dog, depending on their preferences!

10 Best Bones for Dogs Buying Guide in 2019

Written by Dr. Alex Boyum

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