Buying Guide: 10 Best Dental Chews for Dogs Reviewed 2019

Buying Guide: 10 Best Dental Chews for Dogs Reviewed 2019

What’s that awful smell? Is it your dog? But you just bathed and brushed the teeth of your buddy a few minutes ago! What could be the problem?

Ah, perhaps it’s your dog’s bad breath. Some dogs could develop this problem if they haven’t been brushing their teeth properly, or if their toothpaste just isn’t enough! This is why you may want to look for the best dental chews for dogs.

Dental chews or dental treats for dogs can be a good thing for your buddy since they can make their breath fresher and more bearable when they wake you up in the morning or jump at you when you arrive home after your shift.

There can be many different reasons for dogs having bad breath, but whatever reason it is, such as plaque or tartar buildup from eating too many smelly foods, having dog treats nearby can help lessen that awful doggy stench. 

What are dental chews?

Not to be confused with your dog’s toothbrush, dental chews are like dog treats that are meant to be gnawed and not eaten. Think of them like a lollipop but instead of licking them, your dog gnaws and chews on them, kind of like a baby’s teether. A good brand of dental chews would be Greenies due to its flavor and reputation.

Our Top Pick

Greenies Original Regular Size Natural Dental Dog Treats

Best Dental Chews for DogsKey Features

  • Could freshen your dog’s breath
  • Not too pricey
  • Can help remove dog plaque

A Glance

We chose Greenies for our top picks because they’re pretty affordable and most dog owners love them due to their ability to freshen your dog’s breath. The ingredients and the brush style can also be ideal for dogs with teeth problems, such as tartar and plaque (they are shaped like toothbrushes).

Since they are certified by the VOHC for plaque and tartar removal, it’s quite a trusted brand. Greenies also offer different sizes depending on how much your dog needs. You can choose from a pack of 6 treats up to a large pack of 72 in one box. Since Greenies are bendable, they cause less likelihood of choking hazards because they don’t easily break, which can be good for smaller dogs.

Top 10 Best Dental Chews for Dogs with Reviews

1. Purina DentaLife Small/Medium Adult Dog Treats – Best Dental Chews For Small Dogs

Best Dental Chews For Small DogsComing from a quality brand, Purina, these dental stick treats have a chewy and porous texture, which can be ideal for most dogs whose teeth aren’t as strong as big dogs’. It has no artificial colors or additives so it can be a healthy choice for your buddy. Also thanks to the porous texture, it can be effective in cleaning your dog’s tartar and other gum baddies.

Each bag contains 10 chews and they are recommended for dogs who weigh 20 to 40 lbs. They have been accepted by the VOHC in terms of tartar control. Each stick is also sized right for small breeds so it won’t be too overwhelming for them. There is also a feeding guide at the back of the package depending on your dog’s weight.

  • VOHC accepted for tartar control
  • Comes with a feeding guide
  • Has a porous texture for easy teeth cleaning
  • No added preservatives or artificial colors
  • May contain animal by-products

2. Dozers Dental Dog Chews – Best Natural Dental Chews For Dogs

Best Natural Dental Chews For DogsMade with fully natural ingredients, this one also doesn’t contain any of those artificial flavors. Each pack has 18 small bones which are also gluten-free so it’s good for dogs who have gluten allergies and the like. Dogs who weigh 15 to 30 pounds can chew on these dental chews just fine. You can also order one, two, or four bags at once. 

The shape of the bristles allows it to be like a toothbrush and a dog treat at the same time, much like with our Greenies pick. You can also customize the treat by adding your own food items in the hollow pockets of each of the dental chews. These natural chews are intended for dogs who are 9 months old and above.

  • Doesn’t contain artificial flavorings
  • Gluten-free
  • Can be ordered in bulk
  • Has effective bristle shapes for teeth cleaning
  • May have a strong smell

3. EcoKind Pet Treats Healthy Dog Chews – Best Dental Chews For Senior Dogs

Best Dental Chews For Senior DogsFor senior dogs, this one could be a choice since it has a flavorful taste for those who haven’t really been interested in regular chews such as rawhides. It is made without artificial ingredients and is sourced from cattle all the way from Brazil, all of which are grass-fed and free-range livestock. You can order this pet treat in different sizes depending on your preferences.

It can help prevent tartar buildup due to the texture of the cow ears. What’s more, the size can also be ideal for large dogs but they are still easy to chew, nonetheless. These cow ears are a good alternative to rawhide if your dog doesn’t like such. And due to the thinner texture, it can be ideal for older dogs.

  • No artificial ingredients
  • Comes from grass-fed cows
  • The just-right thickness for senior dogs
  • Different sizes of bag available
  • They look too white in texture

4. Greenies Original Regular Size Natural Dental Dog Treats

Best Dental Chews for DogsPerhaps the most famous brand of dental chews for dogs would be Greenies due to its trademark shape of a dog bone with a toothbrush end and its green color. Greenies can be bought in a pack of 27 and if you sum it up, you’ll realize that they only cost a dollar each!

Highly recommended by the VOHC or the Veterinary Oral Health Council for freshening your dog’s breath, this one is made with natural ingredients that are easily soluble for dogs. The size is just right for most dogs but they also have other sizes of treats for smaller or larger dogs. This dog treat can be ideal if your dog has problems with plaque and tartar, or even just plain old bad breath.

  • Could help with dog’s plaque and tartar
  • Can freshen bad doggy breath
  • Not as expensive as others
  • Can be ordered in different sizes
  • Some dogs with very sensitive stomachs may not like it

5. Benebone Real Flavor Dental Dog Chew Toy

Best Dental Chews for DogsMade with a unique design that makes it easy to hold, since dogs don’t have fingers or thumbs like humans. The curved design can make it easy for them to chew on the dental toy, which is available in small, medium, and large sizes, and is also available in different flavors, such as bacon, peanut, chicken, and mint. 

While it’s not an edible dog chew, it can be a great stress reliever due to the good smell and taste that dogs may love. Most actively chewing dogs can chew up this toy for as good as 6 weeks or so. The smaller version is even good for most puppies. Because of the simple design, it can even be used as a fetch toy for your buddy.

  • Easy to handle due to the design
  • Available in different flavors
  • Different sizes are available
  • Has a good, natural smell of food
  • Some parts could be easily chewed off

6. Missing Link Smartmouth Dental Chew 

Best Dental Chews for DogsYet another pack of dental chews in stick form, this one can be ideal for small and medium-sized adult dogs. The design of each bristle is porous enough so that it can provide your dog’s teeth with a good amount of vitamin C to help reduce the buildup of tartar and plaque, which can also help to freshen their breath. You can order the dental chews in either a 14-count or a 28-count bag.

Each of the chews also has omega-3 fatty acids for a shiny coat while the glucosamine content can help dogs who have problems with their hips and joints. All of the ingredients are also non-GMO verified and made without artificial whatever, so your dog can enjoy natural ingredients. 

  • Non-GMO products
  • Available in two sizes
  • Has vitamin C for healthy teeth
  • Has omega-3 fatty acids for a shiny coat
  • Has glucosamine for hip and joint aches
  • Has a strong fishy smell

7. SmartBones Mini Peanut Butter

Best Dental Chews for DogsIf your buddy likes peanut butter, this one can be a nice set of chews that aren’t made from rawhide. As a combination of peanut butter and chicken breast, this one can be a good source of protein. Dogs who are less than 20 pounds can find this dog treat just fine for them. 

Most Yorkshire terriers, poodles, and Pekingese would love these due to the nice taste and small-enough size for most toy breeds. If your dog is picky, you may want to try this treat for them due to the flavors. 

You can purchase this dog treats and dental chews in a two-pack batch, or you can also order just one or even a four-pack if your dogs love it. Each of the treats is made with veggies on the outside with the real chicken inside. 

  • Great for small dogs
  • Good for picky eaters
  • A mix of veggies and chicken
  • Has a peanut butter flavor
  • Some batches could have defective packaging

8. Benebone Maplestick/Bacon Stick

Best Dental Chews for DogsMade with a bone design, this one is made with natural maple wood as both a treat and a chew toy. It is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large, and it has just the right curves so it is quite easy for most dogs to chew on it without losing it in the process. Dogs such as doodles, Great Danes, and Pomeranians can enjoy this dog treat if they really love chewing on bones.

The texture is tough enough but is still quite permeable for most dogs and doesn’t lose flavor so they keep wanting to chew it. The smell of the dog chew toy is not that strong but okay for most dogs. The design is also not easy to break apart so you won’t risk your dog on small pieces.

  • Good curvy design for easy holding
  • Available in three sizes
  • The smell is not too strong
  • Cannot be easily broken into pieces for heavy chewers
  • Can be a little pricier than other sticks

9. Nutri Dent Limited Ingredient Dental Dog Chews

Best Dental Chews for DogsYet another dental chew for dogs with a green design (like Greenies), this one also has bristle designs, which can help your dog get a cleaner set of teeth without having to brush them often. The ingredients of natural dental chews are quite easy to digest. A total of 7 dog treats are inside a pack.

The 360-degree design of each brush-shaped dental chew can get all over your dog’s teeth to help remove plaque and tartar. It is made without artificial colors or preservatives so it can be ideal for concerned owners. It also doesn’t contain any added sugar or salt so it is good for dogs who are on a special diet. Another good point about this dog chews is that if your dog was recommended by your vet to avoid chicken due to allergies, you can choose this one due to having limited ingredients.

  • Limited ingredients for those with chicken allergies
  • No preservatives or artificial flavorings
  • No salt or sugar added
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Could be too small for a medium-sized dog

10. OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews

Best Dental Chews for DogsFor dental chews that are ideal for dogs from 10 to 24 pounds, this one may do the trick. It is a vet-recommended dog chews pack which could be for your dog if they really smell bad. It is made with alfalfa and parsley, which might help freshen your dog’s breath and may also get rid of some bacteria along the way.

Containing 30 chews in a pack, this one can also help with breaking down existing plaque and other problems in their teeth and tongue. Since OraVet can be a bit too strong for regular use, it should be given to your dog as advised by your vet to avoid having digestive upsets. What’s more, since they are soft when your dog chews on them, it’s best to have someone around in case they accidentally choke on it and give them access to water.

  • Vet-recommended
  • Great for halitosis 
  • Can get rid of bacteria that cause bad breath
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Could have some effect on your dog’s stools

If you want to know more about how to choose the ideal dental chews for your dog, here are some things to consider first:

Why should I buy dental chews for my dog?

Dogs can benefit from dental chews because of the following

  1. Dental chews can prevent plaque and tartar buildup.
  2. They can also lessen a dog’s bad breath.
  3. It can be a stress reliever for dogs.
  4. It can prevent periodontal disease.

Best Dental Chews for Dogs

How do I choose an effective dental chew for dogs?

Choosing dental chews can be a bit different from when choosing dog food, but only in some aspects. Here are things you need to know when choosing dental chews for your dog:

  1. They should be easy to chew
  2. Dental chews shouldn’t easily break apart
  3. They should at least have natural ingredients
  4. Dental chews should be easy to hold (if they’re big like bones)


Do dental chews really work for your dog?
Yes! Dental chews are made with special ingredients that are dog-safe and can help clean their teeth while they are chewing it.

Chewing habits can help your dog get rid of tartar and plaque build-up.

How often should your dog be given dental chews?
That depends on the dog’s age and weight. You can refer to the back of the packaging of your chosen dental chews as to whether you should give your dog one or two sticks a day, or every other day.
What's the best product for cleaning your dog's teeth?
Dental chews, combined with brushing your dog’s teeth, can help them get rid of plaque and tartar that could cause their teeth to get dirty and their breath to smell bad.

A healthy set of teeth can help them to not lose appetite when they have daily meals.

How do I get rid of my dog's bad breath?
Dogs can benefit from a proper hygiene habit, as well as feeding them with dental chews. However, if your dog exhibits foul breath accompanied by swelling, pain and a drastic change in their eating habits, then you may want to take the dog to the vet just to be sure.

This is called halitosis in dogs. Your vet can then examine your dog and give them the appropriate medicine or countermeasures.


To sum it all up, being concerned with your dog’s breath can be important not just for their well-being but also for the people around you. No one wants a dog (or any pet, for that matter) with stinking breath! Being hygienic is also crucial for your dog so that their teeth problems don’t worsen into something else.

Bad doggy breath can be easily treated with proper hygiene habits, such as brushing their teeth with appropriate toothpaste, as well as giving them treats for chewing and gnawing. If your dog is a heavy chewer on couches and the like, you can also give them chew treats to help them relieve their need for chewing all over the place!

Overall, there are many benefits to buying the best dental chews for dogs. If this is your first time owning a dog then you should know that dental chews are worth buying, since not only do they toughen your dog’s teeth but they also act as a stress reliever and a breath freshener in one go.


Buying Guide: 10 Best Dental Chews for Dogs Reviewed 2019

Written by Dr. Alex Boyum

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