TOP 10 Best Dog Boots 2019 (Ultimate Guide & Reviews)

TOP 10 Best Dog Boots 2019 (Ultimate Guide & Reviews)

We already know about the tough feet of dogs, but this doesn’t mean the paws of your dogs needs no protection. The same way we protect our feet with some quality shoes, our lovely pets deserve the best dog boots.

Whether for everyday walks, snow, or hiking, getting the perfect pair of boots for your dog should come very easy. Sadly, we’ve heard stories of dog boots that break, fall off, or don’t perform what they are meant to, such as keeping cold, gravel, and water out.  

There are different dog boots out there, and the process of picking the best for your pooch could be very difficult.

We’ve taken the time to try and test the well-known brands, the lesser-known, as well as the affordable dog boots, to select what we feel is the best dog boots currently out there, for all occasions. We are sure of these selections to protect your dog’s paws and make them more comfortable while having some outdoor adventures. 

To get you started, watch this funny video of dogs in their lovely boots:

Our Top Pick


Best Dog Boots for HikingKey Features

  • Highly durable dog boot  
  • Easy to put on with its straightforward closure and wide mouth
  • Has three fun colors

A Glance

Out of all the products reviewed, the RUFFWEAR Grip Trex Dog Boots claims top spot due to its unique ability to protect the paws of dogs from serious conditions. Also, with its Vibram outsole, your dog gets great traction no matter how difficult the terrain is. The boot is very flexible and can bend naturally with the paws of your dog. 

This dog boot is also very easy to put on due to its wide opening, and with its secure closure, you’re guaranteed that your dog’s feet will not fall out. This dog boot is also very durable and will last a long time. Depending on the needs of your dog, you can choose either a pair of four or two boots.

Top 10 Best Dog Boots with Reviews

1. Canine Equipment – Best Winter Dog Walking Boots

Best Winter Dog Walking BootsThe Canine Equipment Best Winter Dog Walking Boots offers strong protection for the paws of dogs no matter where you go during the winter period. With this boot, your dog will not feel hot pavements, sharp twigs, and branches, or rough rocks.

This shoe has a tough sole made from recycled rubber. These soles have strong traction, making the shoe have a tough terrain that is very easy to grip. The breathable and water-resistant shell of this shoe prevents the feet of your dog from dampness or odor and protects them from damp ground and puddles.

This dog boot was specially designed to stay, even though your dog is tackling rough inclines or terrains.

  • It is water-resistant
  • Different sizes for the back and front feet
  • Very durable dog boots
  • Good air circulation
  • We couldn’t come up with any

2. Muttluks Original Fleece – Best Dog Boots for Winter

Best Dog Boots for WinterJust like humans, dogs also dislike cold feet. However, with the Muttluks Original Fleece Best Dog Boots for Winter, you can keep your dog’s paws warm even in the coldest temperatures. 

This boot insulates properly, and it is good for dogs having bony paws. It also features self-tightening straps that ensure the boot fits securely, keeping out snow and drafts. With its cozy, thick, and stretchy adjustable leg cuff, your dog is provided with more security and insulation against the snow.

With the reflective straps, your dog becomes visible at night. With its genuine and tough leather soles, your dog’s feet are protected from the rough and cold terrain and are very flexible to ensure natural movement. 

  • Machine washable
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Has flexible and durable leather sole for comfort and great protection
  • It is not water-tight
  • You may have to warm the boots before you wear them easily

3. RUFFWEAR Grip Trex – Best Dog Boots for Hiking

Best Dog Boots for HikingThe RUFFWEAR Grip Trex Best Dog Boots for Hiking was specifically designed to protect the paws of dogs from serious conditions. With this boot, your dog can easily accompany you to your adventures, wherever you’re headed.

With its Vibram outsole, your dog gets great traction no matter how difficult the terrain is since it is very flexible and can bend naturally with the paws of your dog. 

With its wide opening, these boots are very easy to put on. They stay on with the boots simple and secure closure. Depending on what you want, you can buy the boots in packs of two or four.

  • Highly durable dog boot with a flexible sole
  • Easy to put on with its straightforward closure and wide mouth
  • Has three fun colors
  • Not designed for serious cold weather
  • Not great for deep sand because it has no cuff and the top isn’t tightly fitted

4. WINSOON Skidproof Paw Protectors – Best Dog Snow Boots

Best Dog Snow BootsIf you have ever thought of getting your dog an UGG pair of matching shoes similar to that which you wear every winter, then the WINSOON 4-pcs Set Best Dog Snow Boots might be what you’ve been searching for. 

While they are similar to the fur-lined footwear, they are something more than a gimmick. For additional warmth during snow romps, this snow boot is lined with velvet, with a high-quality and unique construction that can stand firm even in the toughest conditions

This dog boot also features anti-skid soles, which helps in reducing slippage during wintry walks in woods or on icy streets.

  • Features anti-skid soles
  • Offers additional warmth with its velvet lining
  • Has high quality and unique construction
  • Designed only for small dogs
  • Above the sole, the shoe isn’t very water-resistant
  • There are slight differences in the size, making the selection of the right size difficult

5. My Busy Dog Water Resistant – Best Dog Boots for Summer

Best Dog Boots for SummerFor those of us having a tight budget and want to save some cash on their dog’s shoes, the My Busy Dog Water Resistant Best Dog Boots for Summer is one great option for you. 

These shoes’ soles have a strong design to withstand obstacles and it doesn’t just wear out. It is also waterproof and anti-slip making this dog boot a great option for both outdoor and indoor use. This boot can be worn around the house due to its versatility and comfortability.

In contrast to other cheap dog boots, this product was designed for long-term durability and extra reliability. It also features a wide seam which aids you in fitting your dog’s feet in, while its dual fastening straps is to ensure your dog’s feet stays in.

  • Has four different colors
  • Presence of dual fastening straps
  • Waterproof anti-slip sole
  • Constructed using premium fabrics
  • You have to pick a size that’s a bit larger than your dog’s paw size

6. Canine Equipment Ultimate Trail – Best Dog Boots for Hot Pavement

Best Dog Boots for Hot PavementIf you’re searching for the most reliable dog shoe that can last longer on hot pavements, then the Canine Equipment Ultimate Trail Best Dog Boots for Hot Pavement is for you. These boots offer very good value and provide traction as well as protects the paws of your dog from sharp objects.

The soles of these shoes are water-resistant due to its make from recycled rubber. Their shell is breathable, so their paw gets some airflow. If you intend buying these dog boots for your dog, then ensure to measure accurately because the hind and front boots fit differently due to its ergonomic size.

  • It is water-resistant
  • Has reflective accents
  • Easy to wear
  • Anti-slip sole
  • For machine washing purposes, it comes with a garment bag
  • It is expensive
  • Some users complained that the soles had holes in them

7. Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene – Best Dog Boots for Small Dogs

Best Dog Boots for Small DogsThe Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Best Dog Boots for Small Dogs run pretty small. If what you have is a big dog or one with paws, then this dog boot is for you.

Also, this boot isn’t meant for many intense activities. They are designed with neoprene of high-quality, with some lining inside to ensure your dog’s feet stay warm and comfortable. 

They also come in five sizes, ranging from the small size to the xx-large size. It is very important that you measure the feet of your dog accurately and then compare it with the chart before buying.

This boot has two reflective straps and comes in a sleek black color.

  • Very easy to put on
  • Offer your dog a lot of comfort
  • Keeps your dog safe
  • Some customers complained that the boots don’t stay on properly
  • Pretty soft soles, which means it will fail in very intense activities

8. Ultra Paws Durable Boots – Best Hunting Dog Boots

Best Hunting Dog BootsThe Ultra Paws Durable Best Hunting Dog Boots are great for senior dogs that go hunting as well as those having trouble with slippery floors.

This dog boot is flexible, has a skid-resistant sole that functions perfectly in any kind of weather condition dry, wet, cold and hot. It can be put on easily due to its top opening with a wide split seam. It also features Velcro straps to ensure the closure is secure, as well as generous foam that cushions the grip.

It also comes in different sizes, so it is advisable you measure the width of your dog’s paw to ensure proper fit.

  • Can be put on easily due to its top opening with a wide split seam 
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Velcro straps present to ensure secure closure
  • One customer on Amazon complained that this hunting boot caused some injury to their dog

9. QUMY Waterproof Shoes – Best Dog Rain Boots

Best Dog Rain BootsIf you’re searching for a secure and adjustable shoe for your dog for use during rain, then the QUMY Waterproof Best Dog Rain Boots is for you. 

This boot is rugged and offers traction and stability, as well as protection from hot pavement and traction. The sole of this dog boot is rugged and designed with high-quality fabric to ensure your dog is ready for an adventure during the rain.

It also comes in different sizes and is fashionable. It is also hand washable. Customers looking for highly-rated rain boots for their dogs will get all they desire in this great product. 

  • Anti-slip sole for your dog’s security
  • Expandable boot, which makes it easy to take off and put on
  • Adjustable Velcro straps that ensure night safety
  • Not good for dogs having thinner legs
  • Has to be hand-washed

10. Pet Life Duggz Snuggly Boots – Best Dog Boots for Pets that Drag their Feet

Best Dog Boots for Pets that Drag their FeetThe Pet Life Duggz Snuggly Best Dog Boots for Pets that Drag their Feet is specially designed to meet the comfort standards and highest quality for your pet dog. This dog boot is also available in different colors and sizes, making it a great choice for dogs of any age, breed, and sex. Furthermore, they have a flexible and smooth fit, making this boot perfect for use anywhere.

With its luxurious and stylish look, this dog boot is not just expensive but also feels great on the paws of dogs. It also has a zipper which helps to take off and put on, so you don’t need to spend much time preparing your dog for an outing.

  • Comes in different colors and sizes
  • Not expensive despite its luxurious and stylish look
  • Perfect for use anywhere
  • One Amazon customer complained that the size didn’t fit her dog despite following the instructions.

Buying Guide for Dog Boots: Updated 2019

Things to Consider when Buying Dog Boot for your Dog

Proper fit

You won’t love walking around putting on the wrong shoe size, and this is the same feeling when it comes to dogs. Don’t make them do it. Make sure you follow the size guidelines and refer to the fitting instructions of the manufacturer.

Easy to put on

Struggling to put your dog’s boots on his feet could be very frustrating. That’s why it is very important to go for boots that are specially designed to slip off and slip on easily.

Materials that are comfortable and durable

Dog boots that have low prices are usually made from low-quality materials, which will only last for a short period, so it’s advisable to go for dog boots that your dog finds comfortable to walk in as well as one that will last for long.

Water Resistance

Water-resistant dog boots keep the feet of dogs dry even when they walk through wet grass. Ensure the dog boot you buying is water-resistant. These boots usually cost more compared to those offering lesser protection, but it’s worth it.

Why Dog Boots are Very Important

Naturally, dogs walk barefoot throughout their life and don’t sustain any foot injury. This has led many pet parents to think if these boots are necessary. Below are some situations where these dog boots may be a very important option.

For Adventurers

Going for an adventure, you might need a rugged outdoor boot because your dog may step on something sharp, cross a concrete parking lot, and trudge through the snow.

To protect your floor

Some dog owners love using these boots because it prevents dogs from scratching surfaces. Dog boots can be of help in short-term scenarios.

For those who want their homes kept clean

Dog boots will also keep the floors of your home clean as it prevents your dog from tracking snow, water, or mud inside after taking a short trip outside.

For Injured or Older dogs that need Traction

Boots also go a long way in protecting infected or injured paws. This has to do with dogs having ripped pads, damaged or cracked nails, or suffering from yeast infections

Dog Boot Alternatives

There are cases where your dog keeps taking off their boots; you don’t have to worry because we have some alternatives for you. 

You can go for a Paw and Nose Balm that helps in soothing the cracked paws and noses of dogs. They are usually antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic. 

Another alternative for you is Paw protection wax that fights low or high temperatures, salt, or ice. Most times, it includes vitamin E which prevents dryness. This is great for dogs having hyperkeratosis. It also prevents dogs from slipping either during a walk or while running, which ordinarily would have caused your dog some injuries.

Best Dog Boots

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wash my dog’s boots?
Most dog boots out there are produced from breathable and soft fabrics which allow regular or hand washing. The safest to wash after each use is rubber boots.
Must my dog’s boot be waterproof?
This has to do with the local weather and how messy your dog becomes after taking a walk. Waterproof dog boots are very important for the winter season to ensure your dog’s paws are kept warm and dry.


There are so many dog shoes available in the market. However, the ones reviewed above have very great features and have received lots of accolades from customers. Purchase dog boots that suit your needs and most importantly, fit your pet, as their comfort is very important since they cannot speak or voice out their thoughts; it’s now left for us to watch and then understand what they desire. Ensure to protect the feet of your dog during summer, winter, and against negative experiences.

Presenting your dog with the best dog boots can make you his favorite human, and for all dog lovers, that’s a position everyone loves to have. Just the same way our mood can be lifted with a good pair of shoes, so also can this affect our dogs positively. Also, make your dog stand out in the crowd and have people admiring the beauty of your lovely pooch.

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TOP 10 Best Dog Boots 2019 (Ultimate Guide & Reviews)

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