TOP 12 Best Dog Collars to Buy Right Now – 2019 Updated

TOP 12 Best Dog Collars to Buy Right Now – 2019 Updated

Are you looking for the best dog collars to buy for your furry pal? 

You’ve just landed on the right page. I see lots of articles online with less information on dog collars, so, this is me going in-depth and explaining to you all you need to know before spending your money to get the perfect collar for your canine best friend.

Picture this, imagine waking up one morning, you take your dog’s collar off and you see some sort of mark or injury on his or her neck? That would be heartbreaking and we do not want that for your precious dog. 

Every dog has the right to an amazing collar that he or she will be comfortable with, there are different kinds of dog collars, each serving a unique purpose. 

From the normal traditional dog collars for small and large dogs to more detailed collars that are best for training, walking or running, we have all covered.

Let’s begin.

Our Top Pick

GoTags Sporting Dog Collar

Want to know why I chose this collar as my overall best?

Best hunting dog collarsKey Features

  • It is resistant to water.
  • It is odorless.
  • It can be easily washed when dirty.

A Glance

If your dog is like mine who loves to play in the dirt a lot, then you’ll love this too. I have used dog collars in the past that end up in a terrible state after being exposed to water. They are some annoying collars that are dirt absorbent and seem impossible to get clean or return to its original state. The geotags Sporting Dog Collar is not that kind of collar. 

This is a well-made collar that doesn’t even smell like others do. You’ll love this one if you have a retriever or hunting dog. The collar also comes with a tag where your dog’s name and your phone number can be engraved on, the only problem I have with the tag is, if it is exposed to certain situations, the engraving on the tag might wear off.

If you have the kind of dog that breaks loose from collars, this would be a perfect pick for that canine furry rascal. It is very strong and durable, almost impossible for your dog to break loose.

Top Best Dog Collars Reviews

1. Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Collection – Best dog collars for small dogs

Best dog collars for small dogsThe blueberry pet classic solid color collection is an amazing collection of dog collars. This collar is amazing for small dogs. There are different variations, there’s the regular collar and martingale collar.

If I were to tell you which one to pick for your small dog, I would say the “Martingale collar”, why? The quality is incredible, lightweight, and quite cheap too. 

I had some friends that complained, however, that the collar was too tight on their dog and others even complained to me that their dogs were freaking out after they used this collar. I had to find out what was wrong and I noticed they didn’t know how to use it. If you don’t understand how this collar works you might end up almost choking your precious dog. And we do not want that.

  • The adjusting mechanism doesn’t loosen over time.
  • It doesn’t fade or lose quality after wash.
  • Might not be suitable for large dogs
  • It might be complicated to use.

2. GoTags Personalized Dog Collar – Best personalized dog collars

Best personalized dog collarsOkay, guys here’s one dog collar you can personalize. Yup! Your dog’s name will be on the collar alongside your phone number, and it is stitched to the collar for long-lasting identification. You don’t have to worry about your number coming off that collar for any reason.

This collar is great for a large dog, but if your dog is medium, he or she isn’t left out. You can get this collar too. If you have a small or extra small dog?

I’d advise you to check out collars for small dogs, like the Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Collection. The only issue I have with this collar, however, is the positioning of the text, in most cases, your phone number might not be visible.

  • Amazing quality.
  • The embroidery is very nice.
  • You may not like the logo they put on the collar.
  • It might not be suitable for small and extra small dogs.

3. GoTags Sporting Dog Collar – Best hunting dog collars

Best hunting dog collarsWhen looking for the best collars for your hunting dog, you should consider the fact that your dog might get dirty, or wet while hunting, so you need a collar that will be durable and resistant to dirt and can handle getting wet on a regular. This dog collar here is an amazing collar that is resistant to not just dirt but oils, and moisture. It’s even odor proof.

Are you considering getting this? Yeah, you totally should. Made of Biothane, this collar boasts of unique strength. Don’t get worried, it offers a soft drip feel. This collar is easy to clean, and it does not stretch out. 

One unique feature about this collar is the personalized name tag. Yup! Your dog’s name and your phone number will be written on stainless steel.

  • Resistant to water, dirt, and odor.
  • Very strong and durable.
  • The I.D tag scratches easily.
  • Screws on the name tag might rust if exposed to water.

4. Heavy Duty Dog Collar With Handle – Best dog collars for pitbulls

Best dog collars for pitbullsLet us say you just got a puppy pitbull breed dog, you could go for a small collar, but when your pitbull has come of age? Uhm, you need to get that big boy a very strong collar. You don’t need to be scared because I said “strong collar”, your pitbull will be comfortable with this collar. 

The dog collar has a handle, although it blends with the collar, it is easy to grab when needed. Trust me when I say you don’t need to worry about your dog breaking or getting out of this collar, unlike other collars, this one has a metal buckle that makes it impossible for your dog to break.

  • Great for large dogs.
  • It has a handle that can help you control your dog.
  • Threads may start coming out.
  • Might be ruined in minutes by dogs with long nails.

5. Reflective Custom Dog Collar – Best reflective dog collars

Best reflective dog collarsReflective dog collars could save your dog from being run over by a car at night, why not be your dog’s superman or woman and get him or her a reflective dog collar. If you are wondering where the reflective tape is, it’s the stitches on the edges.

The reflective dog collar stays clean even after months of use, so you don’t have to worry about the collar getting old or wearing out after days of use. The material on this collar is quite durable and thick also. You’ll love it trust me.

Did I mention that you can also personalize this collar? Oops! My bad. Your dog’s name and your phone number can also be engraved on this collar.

  • A great pick for large dogs.
  • Reflective tape for visibility at night.
  • It might not be suitable for small dogs.
  • This collar is quite heavy, not too heavy though.

6. PUPTECK Basic Nylon Dog Collar – Best dog collars for puppies

Best dog collars for puppiesOur little cute puppies are not left out of the collar fest. Listen guys, your puppy is young, tender and also fragile, you need to get just the right collar that will soothe him or her with 100% comfort. You don’t want your little angel to whine in pain. Getting him or her a comfortable collar should be one of your priorities.

The PUPTECK basic nylon dog collar could be a great pick for puppies, it is suitable, convenient, and adjustable. It is very easy for you to get this collar off and on a puppy. Want to hear something really sweet? A friend of mine got this collar for his pup, the collar and the pup have become one in such a way that whenever he takes the collar off, his dog begs for him to put it back on. How sweet!

  • Amazing pick for puppies.
  • It has a nice ID tag.
  • It might not be suitable for big dogs.
  • Gets loose easily.

7. DogRook Dog Bark Collar – Best no bark dog collars

Best no bark dog collarsDid you know that there are dog collars that can control the way your dog barks? Here’s one of the best no bark dog collar I have seen. The DogRook Dog bark collar is quite amazing, it is perfect for dogs from 11 to 110 pounds. With this dog collar, your dog won’t wake your baby up or disturb the neighbours when left alone at home.

If you use this collar on your dog for a month, only the view of the collar will prevent your dog from barking. However, I’d suggest you take the collar off your dog’s neck if he or she stops barking. You can always put it on when he or she wants to be naughty.

  • It works immediately, stops the dog from barking aggressively.
  • Suitable for small, medium and large dogs.
  • Might not stay on the dog’s neck properly.
  • The battery might die faster than expected.

8. SCENEREAL Martingale Collars for Dogs – Best martingale dog collars

Best martingale dog collarsWhat is a martingale collar? Martingale collars are the ones that provide much more comfort to your dog without choking him or her. If you want to take your dog for running or walking, a martingale collar would be the best pick. 

If you are thinking of training your dog, you should consider a martingale collar. I am not saying it doesn’t choke your dog at all. When you are pulling your dog while training, a small loop bears the strength, which is by far much more gentle than the traditional choke collar.

You don’t need to worry about your dog slipping free, this particular collar prevents dogs from slipping their heads out.

  • Doesn’t choke your dog like regular collars.
  • It gives you more control.
  • Impossible for your dog to slip out.
  • Not suitable for small dogs.
  • It might not be suitable for very strong dogs.

9. Beirui Dog Collar Leather – Best leather dog collars

Best leather dog collarsThis is for all you leather lovers, personally, If you ask me, I think I will go for a leather dog collar. They look so mature and simple. The quality of this collar is quite spectacular, you don’t have to worry about the leather being fake and all, it is solid and original. 

The Beirut Leather Dog Collar comes with two rings, you can decide to use one for tags and the other can be used to snap on the leash. This collar might be too thick and heavy for puppies, so, if you are thinking of getting this for the little angel, think again.

  • High-quality leather collar.
  • Good for big dogs.
  • Might be too thick and heavy for puppies.
  • Might not last for a long period.

10. EXPAWLORER Best No-Pull Dog Harness – Best no pull dog collars

Best no pull dog collarsDoes your canine bud pull you whenever you both are taking a walk? Here’s the perfect solution. My German Shepherd would always want to run or walk faster than me in the past. I  did some research and was able to control the situation by purchasing this very no-pull dog collar. 

You don’t need to worry about durability, this no-pull dog harness is excellently constructed and solidly built. I have enjoyed using this collar on my dog and I am sure you will love it too. You definitely should give it a shot.

  • Much easier to control on walks.
  • Works great for small and medium dogs.
  • The setup might be complicated.
  • There’s a tendency that your dog might chew it up.

11. Black Rhino – The Comfort Collar – Best dog collars for large dogs

Best dog collars for large dogsIf you have a large dog then you need the perfect collar for your huge buddy, unless you want to buy a collar for your canine pal every week. The Black Rhino collar is one of the best dog collars for large dogs you could ever find in stores. 

The black Rhino is a perfect pick for dogs that always find a way to break their collars, you won’t ever have to worry again about your dog breaking free from his or her collar. 

In case you are wondering, is this collar comfortable for my dog? The answer is “yes”. Lined with soft padding, this collar promises to be comfy on your dog’s neck. You should consider getting this for your large dog.

  • Constructed for all breeds.
  • Almost impossible for a dog to break loose.
  • Buckle not so easy to undo.
  • Not suitable for puppies.
  • It is a bit heavy.

12. PATPET Dog Shock Collar With Remote – Best dog training collars

Best dog training collarsIf you want to train your dog, you should consider using a special dog training collar. Have you ever used one of these before? If yes, I bet you’d agree with me that training tends to work faster with the help of a special training collar. If you haven’t used a training collar for your dog, you can try this out.

The PATPET Dog shock collar; don’t get scared, this collar won’t shock your dog to death, NEVER! It doesn’t cause harm to your dog, but it will help you in your quest to train your furry friend.

If you finally settle to get this dog shock collar, my advice for you is 1. Do not leave the collar on your dog for more than 10 hours. 2. Check the fitting and make sure it is not too tight on your dog’s neck. 

  • Great for all dog breeds.
  • It charges very fast.
  • Using high levels may irritate your dog’s skin.
  • The battery is built-in and might not be easily replaceable.

Best Dog Collars

Buying Tips: Must Know Tips

Now that we have examined some of the top dog collars available, it is now time to go through the finer details that will make you an informed buyer. You can very well consider the products I have listed in this article, but I encourage you to take a bold step further and truly examine the advantages and disadvantages of dog collars in general.

So, I have listed out some top buying tips that can help you select the best dog collar for your best friend. Wanna see? Then keep reading.

Durability: You totally should check for durability when going for a collar for your dog. Nobody wants to buy a collar today and his or her dog destroys it the next day. Look out for a good dog collar that can withstand wear, pressure or damage. Remember, your dog has sharp teeth. Get your dog a long-lasting collar. Getting a durable collar will save you some extra bucks in the future, trust me.

Safety: You can’t purchase a metal prong collar and use it on a puppy mate. No! Please don’t. But hey! Before settling for a collar, you need to be 100% sure that it is safe for your dog. Some sellers might state in the description that their collars are not suitable for small dogs. You should look out for these things before hitting that buy button. Remember, if anything happens to your best friend, it’s on you! 

Size: You also need to be completely sure of the size. There are different kinds, Xtra small, small, medium, and large. You need to know a particular size that’ll fit your dog’s neck. If you don’t check the size you might end up buying a collar that might be too large or small for your dog. There’s an instruction on how to measure the size of your dog’s neck on most dog collars.

How to use a Dog Collar

Using your newly purchased dog collar isn’t going to be like rocket science. Some rather complicated dog collars require some serious understanding before usage. Regular everyday collars are the easiest to use, just strap on to your dog’s neck, make sure it’s not too tight and viola!

You are good to go. The sophisticated collars like the shock or heavy-duty collars could be way more complicated. I would suggest that you read the guide on how you can put this collar on your dog’s neck with zero casualties.

Types of Dog Collars

There are different types of dog collars for you to choose from, picking the right one for your dog is very crucial and important.

Here are 6 types:

Martingale collars: These types of collars are a great pick for dogs that always find a way out of their collar. It is almost impossible for a dog to slip out of a martingale collar, this collar is designed in such a way that your dog has a 0% chance of escape. When using a leash the collar tightens when you pull but this does not hurt your dog in any way. There’s a mechanism that stops your dog from getting choked when you pull or when the dog pulls you. 

No-pull Harness: Ever had a stubborn dog that always pulls you whenever you both are on a walk? Well, you can say goodbye to that. The no-pull harness is our savior guys, this was specially designed to stop your canine buddy from pulling you whenever you are taking him or her for a walk.

Dog Show Collars: If your dog is a trickster, there’s also a special collar for him or her. The dog show collar as the name implies is a collar that works best for show dogs. It works more like martingale collars.

Smart Collars: Wouldn’t it be fun to find your dog whenever he or she gets missing? Thanks to smart collars, we can plant a GPS device on our dog’s necks and track their location if they ever get lost.

Metal Prong Collars: This is a scary but useful collar for dogs, it is often used by dog trainers. If you have a strong or stubborn dog that always pulls the leash, this collar can come in handy. Whenever your dog tries to pull the leash, the collar will pinch them “that’s like an automated STOP IT!”. There are also known as pinch collars.

Shock Collars: If you have the type of dog that always barks and you want to curtail it. You can get this. Shock collars are also used for training dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are leather collars bad for dogs?
One big answer? No!

Leather collars are safe for your dog. They are two different kinds of leather collars, there’s the flat collars and the rolled leather collars. The most common are flat collars also referred to as buckle collars. If your dog has short hair this would be an ideal leather collar.

If your dog has long hair, it may cause the fur to hide around the neck. There’s also the rolled leather collars that are thinner and lighter and definitely won’t leave a flat spot on your dog’s coat.

Are martingale collars safe?
Yes, martingale collars for dogs are completely safe and great for controlling your dog without hurting or choking his or her neck whenever you pull the leash. This kind of dog collar is ideal for training.

But hey! Make sure you are using it right, you could read the instructions before using a martingale collar on your dog just to be safe.

What is the best collar for a dog that pulls?
The best kind of collar you could buy for a dog that pulls you whenever you are taking a walk is called no-pull dog collars, there are lots of them up for grabs, each having its unique look and feel but all serving the same purpose.

Here a list of some of the best no-pull dog collars.

  • BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness.
  • Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness.
  • Bolux Dog Harness.
  • PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness.
  • Big Dog Harness No Pull.
  • WINSEE Dog Harness No-Pull.
  • Copatchy No Pull.
Are collars good for dogs?
If you own a dog, having a collar on your dog’s neck is quite important. It makes walking with him or her easier, it could save the dog’s life (reflective collars). A special kind of collar could also stop your dog from pulling you whenever you take him or her on a walk. My verdict? Collars are amazing if used correctly.

A poorly used collar can harm your dog badly, so be sure of what you are buying and make sure you are using it properly on your dog. Do not make it too tight or too loose on your dog’s neck, if you are using a shock collar for training purposes, I’d suggest you increase the shock level to highest only when necessary and hey, do not leave the shock collar on your dog for too long.


The importance or usefulness of a dog collar cannot be overemphasized. If you want to get a collar for your four-legged friend, do it with love in your heart, get one that your dog will be comfortable in. 

When putting a collar on your dog’s neck for the first time, there’s a possibility that the dog will whimper or whine. If you hear this, it’s either your dog doesn’t like his or her new collar or it’s too tight. If it is tight? Loosen it up a bit, if he or she still complains, you could leave it on for a while till your dog gets used to it. 

This ultimate guide was created to give you top-class information on the best dog collars. Whether you want to train your dog, walk your dog or stop him or her from pulling you, our list contains some of the best dog collars you’d ever find.

TOP 12 Best Dog Collars to Buy Right Now - 2019 Updated

Written by Dr. Alex Boyum

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