10 Best Dog Leash Buyer’s Guide with Reviews – 2019

10 Best Dog Leash Buyer’s Guide with Reviews – 2019

Are you tired of weak or makeshift leashes recommended by the so-called “dog expert”? Do you want to stop complaints and lawsuits coming your way?  Are you looking for the best dog leash money can buy? Well…rejoice! You can stop your long or most likely short search, as you’ve arrived at the right place.

Today’s market is flooded with a lot of things, dog leashes are no different. There’re various types of them available. Each with its specialty based on ease of use and how comfortable it is for your dog. The reason for this article is to help you find the best dog leash for your dog.

I’ve reviewed for you 10 great dog leashes you can get your hands on this 2019. Our top pick is available to make your decision process a lot easier. But if you’re interested in knowing more and you want to handpick the best for you based on some reasons, then you can read the guide just below the review section. It contains what you need to know to become a well-detailed buyer.

Our Top Pick

Tuff Mutt hands-free dog leash for Running

Reasons why we recommend this product

Best dog leash for runningKey Features

  • Comfortable to use
  • Made of durable materials  
  • Good for training your dog
  • A glance of the product

A Glance

This perfectly designed dog leash is just what your dog needs. The material is comfortable for both you and your pet. It has a strong trigger clip for the collar and the waist belt which is adjustable. It fit perfectly with a 42-inch waist. There’s a bungee to absorb shocks and at the same time give your dog room to play around. 

The material in which the leash is made of durable enough to handle your large or medium-sized dog which should be at least 30lbs heavier. Another reason why we recommend this product is its versatility. You any activity such as hiking, running, and even when you’re just walking. It also has reflective strips that are supposed to be on every dog leash for safety reasons. With strip, you and your dog are sure to be noticed.

10 best dog leash with reviews

1. Valkit’s double retractable dog leash – Best retractable dog leash

Best retractable dog leashIts break Anti-slip handle is one to look at, as it allows you to adjust the distance between yourself and your dogs while walking them. Especially when pedestrians are passing by. You’ll have to stop the dog from moving, pause and lock immediately to protect.

The leash is a zero tangle leash. This means you can comfortably walk two dogs at the same time without the leash will never tangle. This possible with the 360-degree spin technology which allows for easy swivel mechanism.

You can walk your dog or pup safely through the night with the leash’s black ribbon which is embedded with grey reflective strips. No car or person with a lighting device would miss you and your dog.  Both of the two non-tangling retractable dog leashes can hold two dogs, each must weigh less than 50lbs. if a dog exceeds the weight limit, the leash is most likely going to snap.

  • Great ergonomic design
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Tangle-free
  • Reflective strip present for safe night walking
  • There’s no poop bag holder
  • The leash may be too stiff for your dog

2. Tuff Mutt hands-free dog leash for Running – Best dog leash for running

Best dog leash for runningBoth you and your dog have adequate running room. Your dog could run in front of you or beside you. It’s your choice. Still, you’ll be at a good distance between each other, so don’t worry about stepping on your dog’s heels.

This is possible because the leash is over 48 inches long. While running your dog will feel free as it won’t feel that constant pulling tension. This is due to the well-placed BUNGEE which is between the two handles.

It’s a buzzkill to interrupt your workout session, especially during an energetic run. With the design of this leash, you can tell the manufacturers have put a lot of thought into it. Two conveniently placed handles will ensure you have full control of your dog/pup without casing the stride to break. If you’re looking for more direct control, you can simply handle your hip or your dog’s collar handle to guide it back on track.

The common design of hands-free leashes is the one position they are forced to stay in. the design of this leash consists of a durable clip which smoothly slides along the lightweight waist belt. This, in turn, allows your dog to move easily from one side to another. Overall the material is top quality and there’s a reflective strip present for safe walking at night.

  • Your dog enjoys easy movement
  • Enough room for uninterrupted running 
  • Durable material 
  • The durable clip moves from one side of the waist belt to the other
  • The leash is a bit heavy
  • The waist attachment does not allow 360-degree spinning

3. Dutchy Brand Pets lovers club heavy duty dog leash – Best dog leash for pulling

Best dog leash for pullingIf the dog is the type that’s always scared or one that’s stubborn, this the leash for pulling them in towards where you wish they should be. The leash has no problem handling a dog that weighs 60lbs. don’t worry about getting rope burns, the leash is a doubled layered one that can with a lot of pull force and still, there’ll be no scratch on your arm. If your dog so happens to be the super dog…well this leash is its kryptonite.

The leash can as well be used to train your dog. It can be used to train your dog from munching on the belt. Unlike the nylon one-layered leash, this leash is double-layered and it’s a lot hard for your do to chew on.  Your dog is very much likely going to get tired.

The leash is long enough for hiking. It has a long length of 6ft which is enough for your heavy weighted pet to roam around free whilst still being under your control. Getting spotted while walking your dog at night is not hard. As the leash as a reflective strip which is embedded on it.

  • Great for hiking
  • Can handle scared heavy dogs
  • Good for training your dog
  • You are less likely to have a blister on your palm
  • You may not like the design

4. Justzon’s cotton web dog training lead – Best dog training leash

Best dog training leash

This is the perfect leash for training large dogs as it provided the owner with extra strength. The type of training it’s used for is distance training. This is because the training lead is extra-long with a width of 5/8-inches by a length of 50ft. the leash can’t get easily tangled and it’s all because the swivel-style bolt snaps feature which is meant to prevent the leash from twisting.

The material of the leash is durable and it’s made 100% out of the cotton web. It’s guaranteed to last for a very long time. The best part about this leash is the freedom of space you’re giving your dog.

For large dogs, giving them so much room to play around can be risky at times, especially when you’re hiking. But with justzon’s durable cotton web dog training lead, both you and your pet will be comfortable.

  • Good leash length
  • Durable material
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable for both you and your dog
  • Great for distance training
  • Heavier dogs chew through easily (70lbs)

5. U-pick’s dual dog leash – Best dual dog leash

Best dual dog leashWalking two dogs at once with this leash is comfortable. Soft handles, extended bungees and so on. It all there! Walking two dogs can be a very tasking job and it things could easily get out of hand.

With U-pick’s dual dog leash control is what you have. You don’t even have to focus both hands on the leash, just one hand will do just fine for walking both dogs. Tangle? Not this leash…with this leash, you get to avoid the stress of having to unwind a twisted dual leash. It possesses a tangle –free 360 degrees swivel leash attachment which allows both dogs free movement near you.

This leash has a unique Bungee design that makes all others is second. It’s the perfect shock absorber for energetic and active dogs. This prevents your dogs from feeling like their being pulled. The bungee can extend between 20 – 35 inches which are great for playful dogs. Lest not forget the handle. The handle on this leash is like clouds…it’s a softly-padded handle that provides you with ultimate comfort. No need to worry about getting your hand burned.

For safety, the leash features reflective stitching which will help a lot at night. As long as you’re not a target.

  • Extendable bungee
  • Comfortable handle
  • Durable material
  • Anti-tangle design
  • Withstands a total weight of a 100lbs
  • It can be easily chewed through

6. 1-Running-Dog bike tow leash – Best dog bike leash

Best dog bike leashYou can enjoy a good bike ride with your best friend. It’s amazingly fun, safe, and stable as it prevents both tipping and tangling. You are sure to enjoy yours with your dog stress-free and satisfying. This bike tow leash can quickly react to your dog’s movements at the same time it ensures your comfort with its elbow, wrist, and shoulder resilient barrier.

The leash has a panted mast that helps to prevent your bike from tipping over once your dog pulls. It also helps to reduce any form of shock, so you can gently train your dog to stay in heel position. The leash is great for scooters, bikes, and so on. Large dogs aren’t an issue for the leash as it’s made of a durable material with which dogs of up to 185lbs.

  • Great for heavy dogs ranging from 10 – 185
  • Works well with bikes, scooters, and trikes
  • It prevents tangling and tipping
  • Great shock absorber
  • Good for training your dog
  • Could be expensive

7. BAAPET strong dog leash – Best dog leash for Pitbulls

Best dog leash for PitbullsIf you have a Pitbull that keeps cutting its leash you’ll never be able to have full control and this can be very dangerous for you. Both financially and legally. You can avoid all that by getting yourself a BAAPET leash.

It’s a heavy-duty leash which is made with ½ inch of rock climbing rope and a durable clip. With this combo, you can handle your Pitbull with ease. No matter how many times it forces itself.

Don’t worry too much about getting your hands burned, as it features soft padded handles that’ll give you an amazing comfortable feel. Make sure to keep your hands on this part of the leash, to prevent your hands from burning.

Not only is it good for walking your Pitbull, but you can also as well run or train with it. This is possible due to its 5foot long leash. The length gives the leash the perfect balance between control and freedom.

  • Great for walking training, and running with
  • Comfortable padded handles
  • Reflective stitching is available
  • Durable leash  
  • Isn’t chew-proof

8. Friend’s forever extremely durable dog leash – Best rope dog leash

Best rope dog leashThis is a heavy-duty slip rope dog leash which offers you and your convenience. The lightweight rope material in which the leash is made of is mountain climbing grade. So be rest assured it can handle your large dogs.

Another great feature is the no need for a collar or harness. Just put its round your dog’s neck and fit the lead end into the ring attached and the other end of the leash so a loop can be formed.

The adjustable loop shows the leash is great for dogs of most sizes, so you should find no problem fitting it on your dog. The length of the leash lingers between 5-6-feet long which is great for your comfort. No padding but the rope will do just fine.

  • Great for large dogs
  • Adjustable loop
  • The material in which the leash is made from is durable
  • Comfortable to handle
  • Leash could be large and heavy to use

9. Shine Hai retractable hands-free dog leash with dual Bungees – Best leash for hiking

Best leash for hikingThis is a hands-free dog leash that’s usually worn around your waist. This allows both you and your dog to enjoy the freedom of movement. Also, the leash can stretch as far as 82 inches.

This is enough space for your dog to move comfortably around you. Be it in front, behind, or beside you. You get the terrible feeling of stepping on its heels.

If you need to have more control over your stubborn dog, there are two built-in handles which you can use to gain control and prevent your dog from confrontation. For safety at night, the leash reflective stitching which is very noticeable. The leash is also a great shock absorption and it’s all thanks to its strong dual Bungees. These two are designed to absorb shock from dogs that are up to 150lbs.

  • Great Bungee shock absorber
  • It has extra handles if you need additional control
  • Enough running room for you and the fish
  • Reflective stitching present
  • Not chew-proof
  • The waist belt could have complications

10. SparklyPets hands-free dog leash – Best hands free dog leash

Best hands free dog leashThis is both a hands-off, hands-free leash and a hands-on one as well. It hands-on feature consists of a rubber handle for easy use. You can switch from hands on to hand off at any time, which makes the leash all the more worth the money.

Another great fact about the leash is the almost perfect control you’ll enjoy. That easy control is possible all thanks to its comfortable grip located on the bungee.

The leash has two stainless steel clasp which is great which is specially designed to prevent damage to the leash’s clip. This also helps to take most of the tension on the leash’s plastic buckle and dived the pulling force from both sides of the belt.

The leash absorbs shocks effectively which is why it’s great for both large and medium-sized dogs. This is because the leash has a flexible and strong Bungee.

  • Gives you the perfect control
  • Great for both medium and large dogs
  • Good for taring dogs
  • Not chew-proof
  • Strong leash clip

In-depth Buying guide: 2019 Edition

Is your dog a loose leash expert or more of a freight train puller? …There’s a lot of dog leashes out there in the market. It’s going to be tough to make the best choice, especially when your intention to buy isn’t backed with that much knowledge about dog leashes. Keep reading this guide, you’ll know what styles are out there and what you have to consider before buying.

Types of dog leashes

Standard flat lead dog leash

You should be familiar with this type of dog leash as it’s quite common in the market. It consists of a flat long body (usually between 4 – 8 feet long) with a clasp at the end, which is used to clip to your dog’s collar. The standard flat lead dog leash fits the bill as a proper leash that works perfectly for all dogs, considering the maximum safety provided for your dog and the comfortable control you’ll enjoy.

As a beginner or first-time dog owner, it’s best to start with a leach that’s 4inches in length. This way, you’ll have more control over your pet dog. As your dog grows, then more length should be added to your dog’s leash to have better control of its movements.

Stretchable and bungee rubber dog leash

The stretchable dog leash is very comfortable for the owner compared to the flat lead leashes. It helps to reduce the stress owners usually experience on the lead while walking their dogs with a flat lead dog leash. This type of leash is also good at correcting the pulling issues you’d experience with a standard flat lead leash.

The leash is good, but good trainers would not recommend it. Why? Although the design allows for comfortable use it’s not so good at teaching your dog. As the leash bounces back and forth with the dog, in the end, it learns nothing. It negates your ability to manage your dog and this can lead to serious consequences.

Harness lead leash

This is more of a training leash. It ‘used to train the dog not to jump. It consists of a harness and a lead all in the same rope. The harness-lead is worn around your dog’s torso (body & chest area) as your dog jumps, the harness-lead will then tighten up. The design is safe as there’s less pressure on the dog’s trachea.

Slip-lead leash

This leash acts as both a leash and a collar. Its appearance is similar to that of a regular leash, but with a small metal ring at the end. You can fix it around your dog by putting the other end of the leash through the metal ring, to make a loop large enough to slip around your dog’s neck.

Martingale leash

This a bit similar to the slip lead leash as it also functions as a collar and a leash. The difference is adjustability. By this I mean it’s the perfect leash for dogs with smaller heads and thick necks. If your dog were to back out of the collar it would tighten up immediately. The dog will it tighten up to the same degree as its pulling away.

It’s best to use this type of leash on your dog if it tends to pull. But if otherwise, you don’t need to. You’ll just cause your dog to suffer.

Retractable dog leash

This leash gives your dog more freedom of movement while being under your control. Some retractable leashes can go as far as 30-feet away from the plastic handle which you are holding. The leash handle contains a special mechanism for releasing and retracting the leach. It best to use such a leash for walking your dog in large open spaces.

Best Dog Leash

What to consider when buying a dog leash

When you’re about to invest in something like dog leashes, it best to know what you need to consider before buying. This way, you can get your hands on that reliable product. Given the width, style, and types of leashes are in abundance in the market, making the right choice can be very difficult. With these factors below, you should be able to narrow down your option to the one that bests serves you and your dog well.

Type of leash material

There various materials in which dog leashes are made from. The difference between them is certain factors such as durability, life span and convenience of use. The material in which leashes are made from can be either of the following:

  • Nylon
  • Leather
  • Reflective material
  • Chains

Out of these picks, the choice is up to you. Which do you think suits you in terms of comfort and convenience for both you and your pet dog? 

Type of clip on the leash

There are mainly two types of dog leash clips in the market. We have the trigger snap clip and the bolt snap clip. Other advanced features Some dog leashes come with so impressive features such as LED lights for night walking, a GPS to locate your dog if lost, and so on.

How to use a dog leash properly

As odd as it may sound but it’s very possible to hold a dog’s leash the wrong way. Getting it wrong can affect the way you control. Over here you’re going to show you how to hand a dog’s in such a way it has enough space to maneuver around as it needs to.

Hold the leash directly in front of your torso 

Let’s say you were using a 6foot leash and you’re walking your dog while it’s on your left side. What are you supposed to do…hold the leash with your right hand so it right in front of your torso.

…loop the lead over you thumb, to get a good grip

This is a good grip method for preventing your dog from cutting lose as it bolts forward. Putting the loop over your thumb adds more strength than wrapping the loop of the lead around your wrist. It’s even riskier to wrap the loop around your wrist. This is because, while the dog bolts forward your wrist is at risk of being pulled from its socket. You even end up being dragged along by your dog if caught unaware.

Keep the leashes stable and maintain control…

While holding the leash with your right hand, place your left hand on the leash with just 2feet above your dog. This hand position is perfect for stability and balance. The right acts as an anchor while your left hand is the stirring wheel for your dog.  This way, you get to control your dog movement so easily, it won’t feel impaired in any way. 


Can I wash my dog's leash?
Yes. The way you wash it depends on the type of material in which the leash is made of. If its nylon, just throws it into the washing machine. If its leather then it should be cleaned with special soap and a piece of a dry towel.
How can I find the perfect leash size for my dog?
Your choice depends on the breed, size of your dog, and for what purpose are you going to use the leash for.
What's the best way to stop my dog from chewing its leash?
Give him a chew toy or some treats. It’s a great way to provide your dog with mental and physical stimulation.


So there you have it. All the best dog leashes you can get your hands on this 2019. The common trait amongst all the reviewed products is the ease of using them and the convenience for both you and your dog.

The other traits are pretty much different and they determine what is best for what. For instance, both hiking dog leashes and dog training leashes should both be a lot easier to use, but they have other features that vary. This means each of them unique.

After the review section, there is a guide available for you. It has all the necessary things you need to know to become a well-informed buyer. It covers questions such as factors you’re supposed to consider and what you need to know before buying. Along with those two in the guide, it has instructions on how to hold a Dog leash. Not everybody knows how to hold a dog leash properly.

Here’s a video on how to properly hold a dog leash. Make sure to follow the steps accordingly:


10 Best Dog Leash Buyer's Guide with Reviews - 2019

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