12 Best Dog Toys Ultimate Guide & Reviews in 2019

12 Best Dog Toys Ultimate Guide & Reviews in 2019

Toys are very essential for the optimum development of your child. This is not news to any parent. What most parents don’t know is that these lovely toys that have played a vital role in shaping their children’s lives can also go a long way to shape their dog’s behavior. Using the best dog toys have been recommended by many animal behaviorists, to make them much better dogs.

As long as your pooch loves playing with these toys, most pet owners will want to give them more of these toys. It’s fun to watch your dog chew on or play with a newly acquired toy, especially when this toy becomes a very special possession for your pooch.

When giving your dog a toy, there are things to consider to ensure the toy is appropriate and safe for him or her. If you’re worried about where to begin, then let us set you in the right path with our 12 best dog toys reviews and buying guides.

Our Top Pick

Goughnuts TuG Best Interactive Dog Toys

Best Interactive Dog ToysKey Features

  • This toy is very durable
  • Dogs love chewing on it
  • Takes the issue of safety seriously

A Glance

The Goughnuts TuG Best Interactive Dog Toys is our favorite out of all the top dog toys reviewed. It is specially designed to address issues relating to safety especially for aggressive chewers and large dogs.  It is very durable and will provide your dog with long hours of fun. 

Its design follows a figure eight, and it also makes it possible for dog owners to play the tug-of-war game with their pooch. This dog toy is made with the dimension 6-inches in width, 11-inches in length, and a cross-section of 1.5 inches.

Top 12 Best Dog Toys with Reviews

1. Chew King Fetch Balls – Best Dog Chew Toys

Best Dog Chew ToysThe Chew King Fetch Balls Best Dog Chew Toys are produced from natural rubber and come in different vibrant colors. They are also available in two different sizes: Large diameter balls of size 3 inch, and a medium diameter ball of size 2.5 inch.

This chew toy is very good for playing fetch and for more fun, can be used along with a ball launcher. Since they were made from natural rubber, they don’t get wet and soft like tennis balls usually do. They are also very durable; however, some dog owners having aggressive chewers will discover that this chew toy is destructible 

  • For most dogs, these toys are very durable
  • They are very good fetch balls
  • Can be used along with a launcher
  • Very aggressive chewers may end up chewing through the ball which could be dangerous

2. Goughnuts TuG – Best Interactive Dog Toys

Best Interactive Dog ToysThe Goughnuts TuG Best Interactive Dog Toys was specially designed to address issues relating to safety especially for aggressive chewers and large dogs. Although, we do not mean that this interactive toy cannot be destroyed, rather what we mean is that it is more durable than most dog toys out there and will provide your dog with long hours of fun. 

Its design follows a figure eight, and it also makes it possible for dog owners to play the tug-of-war game with their pooch. This dog toy is made with the dimension 6-inches in width, 11-inches in length, and a cross-section of 1.5 inches.

This toy mainly focused on protecting both the dog as well as its owner 

  • This toy is very durable
  • Dogs love chewing on it
  • Makes tug-of-war possible between dog owners and their pets
  • This interactive toy has this strong latex smell

3. KONG Classic – Best Dog Puzzle Toys

Best Dog Puzzle ToysKong is recognized as one of the reputable dog toy manufacturers out there, so you can be sure that the toy is of high quality. This KONG Classic Best Dog Puzzle Toy is a beginner puzzle toy that eases your dog into making use of their skills for solving problems. 

You begin with filling it up with some dry kibble and let your dog discover ways to get it all. When they become better at retrieving the contents of the toy, you then raise the difficulty level by making use of peanut butter, soggy kibble, or frozen treats. This puzzle toy can be used in helping a pup adjust to its crate training as well as for handling mealtime. 

  • It is vet recommended
  • It is chew-proof and ultra-durable
  • It is great for play and dinner
  • Despite the durable rubber used by Kong in manufacturing this toy, there are cases where some dogs somehow chewed through. It’s hard to say what their teeth are made of, maybe dragon glass!

4. Nylabone Dura Chew – Best Indestructible Dog Toys

Best Indestructible Dog ToysThe Nylabone Dura Chew Best Indestructible Dog Toys has the shape of a bone and comes in different delicious flavors which will entice even the picky chewers. This bone toy is affordable and it is easily replaced if your dog manages to go through them. 

This indestructible dog toy is great for rough canines since it was specially designed for dogs weighing above 50 lb. That this toy is manufactured in the USA makes it a good feeling for potential buyers. 

As your pooch chews this toy, bristles are raised which helps in massaging their gums and cleaning their teeth while controlling plaque and tartar.

  • One of the strongest dog toys in the market for dogs weighing over 50 lb
  • It comes in different delicious flavors 
  • Has a textured surface which makes it more enticing for dogs to chew on
  • The textured surface of this toy seems to have sharp edges with continuous chewing, which could be painful if you mistakenly step on the toy

5. Nylabone Big Chew Bone – Best Dog Toys for Puppies

Best Dog Toys for PuppiesThe Nylabone Big Chew Best Dog Toys for Puppies is one of the best puppy chew toys you can find out there. A good number of dog owners have recommended this toy and it also works effectively for teething puppies as well as adult dogs.

It has a great flavor that your dog will enjoy and you need not worry about your dog getting fat because it has no calories. This puppy toy is very durable and specially designed for powerful chewers. Whenever you’re out or when your pup gets bored, this toy could be entertaining and engaging for them.

This is definitely one of the best puppy toys you should consider buying.

  • It has a good flavor
  • Lasts for a very long time
  • Has zero calories
  • Keeps your puppy entertained for hours
  • It’s a bit heavy for puppies
  • Could hurt younger puppies

6. Chuckit! Ultra Ball – Best Dog Toys for Labs

Best Dog Toys for LabsThe Chuckit! Ultra Ball Best dog toys for Labs is made from strong natural rubber, durable enough for use for long periods. 

Though they aren’t indestructible, they can contain some good chewing you’re your Labrador without disappointment. They can be used in playing fetch are also relevant for use in swimming pools because these toys have a lightweight and therefore can float easily. It is a high-bouncing ball that will encourage your dog to leap and jump.

These toys come in different vibrant colors and different sizes to match various needs. It is also easy to clean because it has a rubber surface. 

  • Dogs love this toy
  • Provides your dog with hours of fun
  • Used effectively with a ball launcher
  • This toy can still get damaged by aggressive chewers

7. Petstages Dogwood – Best Dog Toys for Pit Bulls

Best Dog Toys for Pit BullsThe Petstages Dogwood Best Dog Toys for Pit Bulls is one of the best products you can find out there for your Pit bull. This toy is not just durable, but it is made to be a very good alternative to furniture and sticks which is also made from wood. 

It also comes in four different sizes to suit teething puppies as well as big dogs. Naturally, dogs love chasing sticks, so this chewable toy will be very useful for retrieval training as well as outdoor play.

This dog is recommended for all dog types, but its larger size is best for Pit Bulls.

  • Manufactured in the USA, so you can rely on this product
  • Your dog can ingest small crumbs
  • Has an anti-choking design that makes the stick break into pieces whenever it is chewed on or broken
  • This toy is included among Amazon’s add-on feature with a $25 qualifying purchase.
  • The crumbs that result from the broken pieces are usually difficult to clean.

8. Gnawsome Medium – Best Squeaky Dog Toys

Best Squeaky Dog ToysThe Gnawsome Medium Best Squeaky Dog Toys is one of the best squeaky dog toys out there. They work effectively on land and due to their ability to float; they can be used in water too.

The material used is neither too soft nor too hard, so it won’t bring any harm to your dog’s teeth, this will also prevent it from getting ripped off into shreds. 

Since this toy is spiky, it is very interesting for dogs to play with. It also helps in massaging the gums of dogs.

  • These toys can float in water
  • The toy has bright colors
  • Material is neither too soft nor too hard
  • Its squeaker is not too loud
  • This squeaker could break if dogs play roughly with it
  • Small dogs might find this toy too large to play with

9. Pacific Pups Rope – Best Dog Teeth Cleaning Toys

Best Dog Teeth Cleaning ToysThe Pacific Pups Best Dog Teeth Cleaning Toys are very tough and great for the maintenance of healthy gums and teeth and keeps your dog occupied and entertained for hours.

This toy is suitable for aggressive chewers and can be used for all dog ages and sizes. It is almost indestructible and very safe, as these ropes can endure much shaking, playing and chewing, even from aggressive dog chewers.

This product features 11 ropes, which includes a carrot as well as a giraffe floss toy which are both designed to stimulate the gums of dogs and clean.

These ropes are suitable for very anxious and energetic dogs as this will capture most of their attention thereby improving their mental health and reducing stress.

  • Very durable
  • Includes two floss toys that ensure dental health
  • Strong adhesives absent, plastic-free, generally safe for dogs.
  • Despite its durability, this toy isn’t totally indestructible

10. Twin Critters TennisWools – Best dog Toys for Small Dogs

Best dog Toys for Small DogsDogs have long since loved playing games with tennis balls. This is why the Twin Critters TennisWools Best dog Toys for Small Dogs is very relevant. With this toy, owners can play fetch with their dogs, which increases the bond between the owner and his dog as well as gives your dog some exercise.

They are not regulation toys, so they are specially designed for small dogs. This ball toy is handcrafted in Nepal and the use of Merino wool already tells you that this toy is well made. 

This toy is a very good alternative to other dog toys as it contains no synthetic rubbers or harsh dyes. They are great for use indoor because while bouncing they make little or no noise 

  • Specially made for small dogs
  • Made from Merino wool which has high quality
  • Very good for playing fetch with dogs
  • Cannot be used for large and medium-sized dogs

11. Kong Squeezz Ball 4pk – Best Outdoor Dog Toys

Best Outdoor Dog ToysToys manufactured by Kong are usually the best-selling outdoor toys for dogs out there, and there is a reason for this. The Kong Squeezz 4pk Best Outdoor dog toys is another product the company has paid special attention to. This product is squeaky and colorful and will be fun for your dog to chew on.

This toy comes in different colors like emerald, sapphire, ruby, and amethyst. You can also pick your desired shape and size of the toy – other possible shapes of this toy includes dumbbell, stick, ring, bone, and football.

No matter the shape, size, or color you go for, you’ll get a toy produced from non-toxic materials for use both outdoors and indoors.

  • It has a reasonable price
  • It is bouncy and squeaky
  • Manufactured with non-toxic material
  • Comes in different sizes and shapes.
  • This toy is not very durable.

12. Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone – Best Dog Toys for German Shepherds

Best Dog Toys for German ShepherdsThe Benebone Real Flavor Best Dog Toys is one of the best toys for German Shepherds. They are produced in three flavors: real chicken, real bacon, and real peanut, which will make your dog eager to play with. They are also composed of food ingredients.

A good number of German shepherd owners gave positive reviews about the durability of the toy. One customer reviewed that this toy survived the destructive strength of his Czech-line working-line German Shepherd of 15 months old. This type of German Shepherd is known to be the most destructive of all the breeds of German Shepherds.

Its curved style also makes this toy very easy for your dog to hold and chew.

  • It is durable and strong
  • It has three different sizes
  • Produced from real food ingredients
  • This toy is not edible. Owners must supervise their dogs when chewing this toy

Types of Dog Toys

Toys for dogs are so diverse and ubiquitous, that industry insiders had to categorize them into subgroups. These subgroups include:

  • Interactive Toys
  • Comfort Toys
  • Training Toys
  • Self-amusement Toys
  • Enrichment/Treat-dispenser Toys

Interactive Toys: These toys are made to build a bond between dog owners and their dog and most times involves items used in tug and fetch

Comfort Toys: They are usually plush toys, but could be any of the items dogs love to bond or sleeps with.

Training Toys: With training toys, your dog will know the things that are okay to chew on. They also help with teething.

Self-amusement Toys: These toys are more durable and usually stronger, and made for dogs to play with while they are left home alone. 

Enrichment / Treat-dispenser Toys: This toy helps in providing mental stimulation for your dog, and keeps them from being bored. 

Learn more about the dog toys and how best to use them:

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Toy for your Dog

Whenever you intend buying something, there are things you consider before making your final decision. The same applies to choose a toy for your dog. Below are a few things you must consider before choosing a toy for your pooch.

Age of your dog

Young pups usually have fragile teeth, so you should buy plush or soft toys to avoid damaging their teeth. If this puppy is teething, pick a toy having firmer texture but not something too hard. As soon as your puppy advances past this teething stage, you can then go for more indestructible, harder toys.

Ball and rope toys should be ideal. However, when this dog grows old, you should soften its toys because its teeth and jaws may not be as strong and powerful as they were.

Chew behavior of your dog

Having a good understanding of the chewing behavior of your dog is very important in choosing the right toy for your pooch. Some dogs take occasional swipes at objects, while others will shred and tear objects when they come in contact with them, and they won’t stop till they’re done and nothing is left to chew. There’s another category of dogs here, where they are neither aggressive nor passive. The point here is that you should evaluate the chewing behavior of your dog before making your pick.

Dog toy size

The right size of a tough toy for your dog will offer great benefits to your dog. If you go for a very small toy, then you’ll be faced with the risk of your dog swallowing this toy which could lead to intestinal obstruction or choking.

Also, if this toy is too large, then your dog may lose interest simply because it cannot put the toy in its mouth. You must choose a toy your dog will pick up easily with its mouth.

Best Dog Toys

How to Provide the Best Toys for your Pet with his Safety in Mind

The safety of dogs when they play with toys is a very important aspect of your duty as a pet parent to these lovely creatures. Just like innocent kids, they don’t know what’s safe and unsafe. Below are tips on how to provide your dog with toys, with his safety ringing on your mind. 

Don’t ever underestimate your dog’s chewing capability

As mentioned earlier, dogs chew. No matter how mild his chewing is, in some cases, probably out of determination, boredom, or willpower, your dog could shred his toy. You must remember never to underestimate your dog’s chewing capability. For this reason, go for very durable toys.

Examine these toys before handing them over to your dog

Some of these dogs tagged as indestructible may end up deteriorating over time. This is why you must examine a dog toy properly for deteriorating signs or the completion of its components before presenting them to your dog. If a part of this toy is almost torn off, then change the toy.

Supervise them

There should be no circumstance where you lose concentration anytime your dog is playing with his toy. Within a flash, accidents can happen and you discover he cannot breathe, or he’s choking, If you’re busy with personal things, then it’s advisable to postpone your dog’s playtime. If you’re not comfortable with postponing their playtime then get a responsible person to do the job for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for my dog if he plays with Plush Toys?
Plush toys are cute and good for your pooch. However, if what you have as a pet is a big one having high chewing power, then you should have a rethink before going for a plush toy. This is because your dog may tear up this plush toy and then eat it up – this is what we are trying to avoid.

Therefore, you should buy plush toys for medium and small-sized dogs that are not aggressive in chewing. For dogs having a bigger size, you should go for the best indestructible toys.

What materials should I avoid when buying a toy for my dog?
Avoid stuffed animal toys having a poly-fil stuffing. If your dog mistakenly swallows up such products, it could be dangerous to his health. 

Also, avoid toys that contain metals. Latex toys should also be avoided because they could cause rashes for your dog. Another thing to avoid is Vinyl. Vinyl contains phthalate, which can cause damage to your dog’s organs.

What risks are involved with tug-of-war toys?
Although it is really interesting playing a tug of war game with your pooch, there are risks associated with this activity. First, dogs suffering from arthritis or dental problems shouldn’t get involved in a tug of war. This game is very physical which could cause a negative experience for them.

Also, this game may reveal the aggressive side of your pooch. Dogs with aggressive tendencies may challenge their owners or even bite them whenever they give up.


Dog toys are very vital in ensuring a happy and boredom-free life for our dogs. This is also very important in building our bond with them. It is therefore important to find time to study your dog’s characteristics and behavior to help you choose a toy that’s best for them.

If you’re set to purchase a new toy for your dog, equip yourself with the required knowledge concerning dog toys, so you know which of the toys will be well-suited for your pooch. Due to the countless dog toys out there, you might think of picking a toy that looks nicest.

However, picking the best toy for your pooch is something requiring careful and serious consideration. This is one good reason why we’re here to help you with our 12 best dog toys which are very durable and safe.

Also, we’ve included a buying guide which will be very useful for dog owners. All the products included in this list are worth the spot they occupy and you shouldn’t face any difficulties while making your pick.


12 Best Dog Toys Ultimate Guide & Reviews in 2019

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