10 Best Flea Collar for Dogs Reviewed & Rated 2019

10 Best Flea Collar for Dogs Reviewed & Rated 2019

Is your dog constantly scratching his or her skin? It could be due to an allergy or flea problem. 

Want to know the trick I used for my dog? Then don’t stop reading. After using this trick on my dog I saw results in no time. 

This is an all in one guide that will show you the best flea collar for dogs and also give you some tips to end your “dog flea nightmare”.

Flea collars are the new trend. Yeah, I know they are shampoos and sprays that kill fleas fast, but flea collars are amazing, they don’t just kill fleas they also prevent fleas.

I have seen tons of people complain and ask how they can get rid of their dog flea problem, I am here to help tell you how.

I know it hurts seeing fleas on your dog, I have been there. Grab my hand and let’s go to war. I call this guide the “battle against fleas”.

Our Top Pick

Mozart Flea and Tick Prevention

Here are the 3 major reasons why I chose this as my overall best flea collar for dogs;

Best Flea Collar for DogsKey Features

  • It kills different kinds of insects.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • It has a pleasant scent.

A Glance

First off, I want to say the case is really beautiful, although that’s not an important factor, you will surely love the case. The Mozart Flea and Tick prevention collar work like a charm just after putting it on your dog’s neck. 

It creates an invisible shield, protecting your dog from fleas, ticks, and a lot of other insects. I have a German shepherd and I use this on him.

If your dog has serious flea issues, I would suggest you use flea shampoo on him or her first before using the special Mozart flea collar.

Here’s how to use the Mozart flea collar in 4 simple steps;

  • Place the collar around your dog’s neck.
  • Adjust the size to fit your dog’s neck and buckle (not too tight).
  • Leave about 2 extra inches of the Mozart collar for further adjustment.
  • Cut off the excess length of the dog flea collar.
  • Wash your hands afterward.

Top Best Flea Collar For Dogs Reviews

1. TUZIK Flea Collar for Dogs – Best flea collar for small dogs

Best flea collar for small dogsWith high-quality plant-based ingredients, the TUZIK Flea collar for dogs does wonders and promises to keep fleas and ticks away from your dog. How does this special flea collar work? Natural ingredients are released when the flea collar comes in contact with your pet’s skin. 

Unlike most flea collars that only repel fleas and insects, the TUZIK flea collar does both killing and repelling. When a flea comes in contact with your pet’s skin, it dies! 

This collar works great for small dogs, I would recommend this for your small furry angel. Trust me, with this collar you won’t have to spend money on monthly treatments, the flea collar can provide up to 1-year protection for your small furry angel. When using this collar be sure to make it a little bit but not too tight on your dog’s neck so that it can rub on your dog’s skin.

  • It provides up to 1-year protection from fleas and ticks.
  • It is non-toxic, won’t harm your dog.
  • The smell might be unpleasant to you.

2. Rolf Club 3D FLEA Collar for Dogs – Best flea collar for large dogs

Best flea collar for large dogsDo you have a large dog and are you ready to go into battle with fleas, and ticks on your poor dog? Well then, let the Rolf Club 3D FLEA collar be your weapon of mass flea and tick destruction. This collar promises more than 6 months of flea protection, isn’t that amazing.

I feel for any dog who has tick or flea issues. I could only imagine how annoying it can be to have fleas and ticks bothering you at every interval. 

The Rolf Club 3D flea collar kills ticks, fleas, larvae, and even mosquitoes within the first 24-48 hours of use. And hey, don’t worry, this flea collar won’t hurt your dog and it also doesn’t have a strange smell. One thing I love about this flea collar is the fact that it is waterproof, so, your dog getting the collar wet or dirty won’t reduce its potency. 

  • It is water and dirt proof.
  • It can last up to 6 months.
  • It gets rid of fleas, mosquitoes, larvae, and ticks.
  • It can also help in getting rid of home insects.
  • Might leave a white powdery substance on your dog’s neck.
  • The Collar is not so good looking on your dog’s neck.

3. SOBAKEN Flea and Tick Prevention – Best natural flea collar for dogs

Best natural flea collar for dogsLooking for a natural flea collar with zero toxic? Here’s one. The SOBAKEN Flea and Tick prevention is a natural formula that doesn’t contain toxic chemicals that may pose a threat to you or your dog.

This collar is a great pick for large, medium and even small dogs. If you just got a new dog you can start using this collar on your dog from 3 months of age.

The SOBAKEN Flea and Tick prevention collar is also waterproof, that’s cool! However, it’s potency will last for just 8 months, after 8 months the flea collar becomes less effective.

  • A great pick for any small, large or medium dogs.
  • It is non-toxic.
  • It can last for up to 8 months.
  • After 8 months the flea collar will become less effective.
  • The scent might be unpleasant to most people.

4. Petsmont Flea Collar For Dogs – Best non toxic flea collar for dogs

Best non toxic flea collar for dogsThe Petsmont flea collar promises to drive insects away from your dog for 1 full year, how cool is that. Unlike other chemical-based products, Petsmont flea collar is a premium plant-based collar that is made from natural products. I love this product, it promises to get rid of annoying mosquitoes, fleas, lice, larvae, and ticks using natural ingredients like Citronella oil, Lavender oil, Peppermint oil, Cedarwood oil, Lemongrass oil, Lemon Eucalyptus oil, and Geranium oil. 

Won’t you want to see a sweet smile on your dog’s face? Take a piece of advice from me, get this flea collar for your dog and watch him become happier by the day. 

If you are not a fan of flea collars that have an awkward smell, you can go for the Petsmont Flea collar. The smell of this collar might be strong in a way, but it is far better than other toxic collars. 

  • All ingredients are natural.
  • It gives 1-year protection from insects.
  • The smell might be a bit powerful for some people.
  • It might only repel and not kill fleas.

5. PUMEK Dogs Flea and Tick Collar

Best Flea Collar for DogsThis flea collar promises up to 1 whole year of assured tick and flea protection, that’s literally 12 months or you can say 365 of protection against fleas. From a little chihuahua to a large lab, this flea collar promises complete comfort while on your furry angel’s neck. 

Infused with natural insect-repelling oils that are in no way toxic, this flea collar will keep away not just fleas and ticks but mosquitoes too. With this flea collars, fleas won’t need to bite your dog before they die, it works on contact, when fleas come in contact with your dog, they die instantly.

The PUMEK is also water-resistant, so you can comfortably take your dog for a swim or a bath without having to take the collar off your dog’s neck.

  • It is completely safe for humans and animals.
  • It can last up to 1 year.
  • Suitable for small, medium and large dogs.
  • Not suitable for dogs below 7 weeks.

6. Mozart Flea and Tick Prevention

Best Flea Collar for DogsWith ingredients like Lemongrass oil, Clove oil, Citronella oil, Peppermint oil, and Citronella oil the Mozart Flea will not just drive away fleas and ticks but kill them at the spot. I like this flea collar in particular because it can be used on large, medium, small dogs and even puppies.

Does it just fight against fleas and ticks? Nope! The Mozart flea collar is said to prevent more than 100 species of insects from infesting your dog.

The Mozart Flea collar won’t break easily, Did I mention that this is my favorite flea and tick prevention collar for dogs. I used this on my German Shepherd and it worked wonders, the ticks were gone in no time. You should give this a shot.

  • Kills different kinds of Insects.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • It is quite affordable.
  • The scent might not be pleasant.

7. GROTAUS Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs

Best Flea Collar for DogsWith natural substances in place, the GROTAUS flea and tick collar for dogs promises to rid your dog of ticks, lice, and fleas. Nobody would want to get a flea collar that contains chemicals that will be harmful to their dog. This flea collar is completely safe not only for your dog but also for your kids too. 

How long can this collar repel and kill insects? 12 months, that’s an amazing time interval if you ask me. I know a friend who used this dog collar on his 4-year-old Lab, he has been very happy ever since. Trust me when I say you will love the GROTAUS Flea and Tick collar for dogs.

  • It is waterproof.
  • 100% natural substances.
  • Doesn’t cause any irritation or allergies on your dog.
  • It has a strong smell unpleasing to some people.
  • Not suitable for puppies.

8. HerbalVet Dog Flea Collar 

Best Flea Collar for DogsHere’s another dog flea collar suitable for large dogs, if you have a large dog, you can consider this as a great option for your furry best friend. This special flea collar provides 8 months of continuous flea prevention. All you have to do? Just strap it on your dog’s neck and watch fleas flee! 

One thing I like about this flea collar is the way it works, the fleas won’t need to bite your dog to die, the HerbalVet flea collar kills fleas through contact. You don’t have to worry about your hands getting greasy while trying to strap it on your dog’s neck.

Be sure to thank me later after using this flea collar and it works on your dog.

  • It stays active for 8 months.
  • It works very fast.
  • Allergy free.
  • Smell might not be pleasing.

9. SPRIDE Flea Collar

Best Flea Collar for DogsThe SPRIDE Flea collar promises to keep all fleas and ticks off your dog’s body for 8 months, after which you should get a replacement for an excellent result. The SPRIDE flea collar is completely harmless and won’t cause any allergy or reaction. You can use this flea collar on small, medium and large dogs, all you have to do is wrap the flea collar around your dog’s neck and cut off the excess collar.

This collar is amazing an all, but here’s a bit of advice you should consider before getting this. If your dog already has fleas, you should carry out dog flea treatment with a special flea shampoo or spray, after this is done you can go ahead to use the flea collar.

  • It is allergy-free.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • One size fits all dogs.
  • It has a strong smell.

10. GORAUL Dog Flea Collar

Best Flea Collar for DogsWith a length of 25 inches, the GORAUL DOg flea collar will provide all-round protection and prevention for your dog no matter its size, whether small, medium or large. It works for all breeds. With its advance water resistivity, there is no need to take off this flea collar from your dog’s neck while swimming or bathing.

The chemicals on the collar are completely safe for humans. Although it is advisable to wash your hands after fitting on the flea collar on your dog’s neck.

You don’t need to worry about the smell, this flea collar does not smell weird in any way, but people have different perceptions, what smells okay for Mr. A might seem bad for Mr. B, but trust me when I say this collar won’t piss you off with a foul smell.

  • It is water-resistant.
  • It doesn’t smell bad.
  • It works for small, medium and large dogs.
  • It is quite fragile and can get damaged easily.

Buying Guide: Updated Sep.2019

What To Look For When Buying Flea Collar For Dogs

Period of Protection: This is one factor you must consider unless you want to buy a flea collar every month for your dog. Most flea collars tend to lose their potency after being used for a short while. However, some other flea collars for dogs promise an average of 6-8 months active time on your dog’s neck.

There are lots of complaints about most flea collars for dogs, so you need to be very careful before making a choice. Going for flea collars that promise up to 1-year active time isn’t bad at all.

Water Resistance: Here’s another thing you need to check. If the dog flea collar you are buying isn’t waterproof there’s the option of taking it off when you want to bathe your dog. But what if your dog jumps into your pool, if you have one, the collar will lose its potency. To avoid this, I would suggest you go for a dog flea collar that is water-resistant, that way you could comfortably bathe your dog without having to be worried about the flea collar losing its potency.

Comfort: Making your dog happy and comfortable should be one of your priorities as a dog owner. If you have a small dog, getting a big flea collar for him or he won’t be the best option. Just like any other regular collar your dog needs to be comfortable with it. 

Take a look at the video on how to keep your dog safe during flea season.

How To Use Flea Collar For Dogs

So, you just got a flea collar for your dog and you are wondering how to use it. 

Firstly, I would suggest you give your dog a nice warm bath before putting the collar on his or her neck. If your dog is flea-infested, you need to use a special flea shampoo before using the collar. 

Most dog flea collars usually have the same method of application.

  • Place flea collar around your dog’s neck.
  • Adjust the fit and buckle.
  • Leave some extra inches 2-3. 
  • The dog collar should be able to move freely around your dog’s but not too much.
  • Cut off the excess length.
  • Wash your hands afterward.

Most flea collars for dogs have instructions on how to use them, you can check the manual or guide on how to use it.

How To Keep Your Home Flea-Free

Best Flea Collar for Dogs

Having a flea collar around your dog’s neck is a great option, but to make things even better you should consider making your home free of fleas too. An effective way of keeping your home free of fleas is to keep your yard clean. When you get rid of long grass you are destroying the environment that fleas live in.

Your surroundings as a whole should not be conducive for fleas and ticks to live in. Here are some tips you can use to drive fleas away and keep your home and dog safe from fleas.

  • Keep stray animals away from your home or surroundings.
  • Get rid of long grasses in your environment.
  • Take our your garbage regularly.
  • Use an insecticide in your yard regularly.
  • Keep your carpet clean by vacuuming regularly. 
  • If your dog has a house, you should clean it always.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do flea collars really work for dogs?
Yes, they do! They are two kinds of flea collars, the ones that prevent fleas from infesting your canine best friend, and the kind that treats.

The treatment flea collars kill fleas that bite the skin of your dog. If your dog is already seriously infested with fleas you should carry out a dog flea treatment with a special shampoo or spray before using a dog flea collar.

What are the side effects of Seresto flea collar?
While the Seresto flea collar is another option for dog owners who want to prevent and kill fleas on their dog’s neck, this flea collar still has it’s side effects such as; redness of the area where the collar is placed, and discomfort due to intense itching around the collar area.

This might not be the case for most dogs, but some dogs tend to react to the Seresto flea collar.

How did my dog get fleas?
There are a lot of possible ways your dog can get fleas. From other animals, the dog house you built and more.

Your dog can also get fleas from that hunting trip and even from your home. Like it or not fleas might be in your home and your dog can get them with ease. 

Household rats might be the major reason why your home would be infested with fleas. You can also bring fleas into your home by yourself, if you were in a nasty environment, there’s a 99% chance that you’ve picked up a flea and then brought it home. 

That’s not all, you just got a blanket, shoe, piece of clothing or mattress from a yard sale? That’s another possible way to get your house infested with fleas. These fleas need a host, that’s where your dog falls victim.

Are dog flea collars safe?
Most dog flea collars are safe for your dog and your household. If you are getting a dog flea collar that is made from natural ingredients, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

They are also dog flea collars that are made using chemicals, and we don’t want that to come in contact with edibles or our kids. Generally, It is advisable to wash your hands after coming in contact with dog flea collars.


Getting the best flea collar for dogs can put an end to the constant itching. Our dogs deserve the best and that is exactly what we are going to give them. The “battle against fleas” doesn’t end with getting a flea dog collar for your canine best friend. You should also consider creating an environment that will be flea free. 

Unless you want your dog to have a flea collar on for a… long time, you should consider getting rid of fleas in the environment where your dog is. If you have a hunting dog, you should always give him or her a proper bath with the right flea killing shampoo after your many hunting adventures.

Remember, a flea-free dog is a happy and healthy dog.

10 Best Flea Collar for Dogs Reviewed & Rated 2019

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