10 Best Harness for Dogs Buyer’s Guide & Reviews 2019

10 Best Harness for Dogs Buyer’s Guide & Reviews 2019

When taking your dog out for a walk, having full control is paramount, so is the comfort for your dog. But owners tend to look towards control before the other factor. I’m not saying such a group of owners prefer to use collars. Collars are also great for both comfort and control, but harnesses give better of both.

In this post, I’m going to review for you the top 10 best harnesses for dogs which you can get your hands this 2019. All are of good quality which was selected according to the guide provided just immediately after the reviews. Once you read the guide, you’ll become a more informed buyer of dog harnesses. At least, informed enough to get what’s best for you in the market.

Following the guide are Frequently Asked questions that were asked by customers from great online market sites such as Amazon. It should be able to answer one or at best some of your specific questions relating to dog harnesses.

Our Top Pick

Rabbitgoo no-pull pet harness

The reason why we choose this product

best harness for dogs that pullKey Features

  • Durable and safe
  • 4 easy adjustable straps
  • It has two leash rings

A Glance

By just looking at it, you can tell its design is smart and looks quite fitting on the dog with the right size. Unlike most harnesses with one regular leash ring, this product has two. This means you get to have control over the dog’s direction at the same time prevent it from pulling (front-clip). And you also get to enjoy relaxed walking (back-clip).

There Are two neck straps and two side buckles for easy adjustability, buckling up and taking off. In short, there’s to be no hassle. Looking at the chest region you’ll find the harness padded with a soft and breathable mesh. This will make sure your dog feels a lot secured and comfortable while you take walks together or any other daily activity.

With a strap such as this, it should take long for your dog to get used to it. Just make sure to fit the harness in such a way that two of your fingers can slip easily in-between the harness and your dog. And make use of it daily after you’ve acquired it for your dog.

10 Best Harness for Dogs with Reviews

1. Gooby comfort X head-in harness – Best harness for small dogs

Best harness for small dogsThis lightweight harness is made especially for small-sized dogs. The maximum weight in which this harness can take comfortably is 30lbs. at that weight, you get to fully utilize the harness functionality. Don’t bother trying to fit this into any dog with a weight higher than 30lbs. it’ll be very uncomfortable.

The harness is specially designed to prevent your dog from choking. As you can see the chest strap has an X design where the harness sits just below the usual neck area. This is good because it reduces the pressure around your dog’s neck area. The harness has its D ring on the back, so pull trajectory is low which reduces the chances of the harness being pulled up in such a way it chokes your dog.

Given it’s lightweight and polyester material, the harness is a lot easier to clean and keep the temperature cool respectively.

  • Lightweight
  • Choke-free and comfortable design
  • Best for small dogs which weigh 30lbs or less
  • Your dog’s chest area could be too wide
  • It can be easily chewed through

2. Rabbitgoo no-pull pet harness – Best harness for dogs that pull

best harness for dogs that pullThis is the best harness for your large-sized dog that tends to pull. It consists of a metal leash D rings to ensure a safer walk anytime you take it out. There’s a chest attachment and a back-clip available. Neck girth range is from 18 – 26 inches. The chest girth range falls between 17-34 inches. They are meant to help discourage your dog from pulling while you take it out for a walk, jogging, or hiking.

The harness is hassle-free. Easy to put on and easy to take off. This possible with the two-fast relief buckles present. Adjustability is another thing to look at, as it features 4 adjustable straps in all. 2 for the chest and another 2 for the neck. They help in creating the perfect fit for your dog whilst still leaving some for it to be grown. You don’t have to worry about the harness slipping off or choking your dog.

It’s a safe and comfortable harness. It’s made out of durable nylon oxford and padded with soft cushion to protect your dog’s skin.

  • Durable and safe material
  • 4 easy adjusting straps
  • It has two leash rings
  • Good for larger dogs
  • Could be harder to put on
  • Your breed could be too large

3. WINSEE dog harness – Best harness for large dogs

Best harness for large dogsThis is the best harness for large dogs within the weight range of 30 – 55lbs. the chest girth should fall between 18 – 32 inches and the neck girth should be within 15 – 27 inches. Choose the size of your dog’s chest to confirm which harness is the best. Once you get the right size, the harness is easier to put on and lock securely this is because it has a quick snap buckle and a safety lock.

There’re also slide straps at the chest and neck area that’ll help in making your dog the perfect customized fit which will be great for walking, jogging, running and so on. The harness has a Y structure with a retractable D ring on the back. It allows for easy control.

Another set of features which ensures easy control are the 2 sturdy clips. They can be on the chest or no the back of your dog. The one on the chest is good for preventing pulling and the one for the back is for relaxed walking. With the neck-straps going through the padding being retractable, you get to have full control of your large dog when the leash is hooked to the back clip. This causes the pulling pressure from the dog to evenly be distributed around the harness, thereby preventing the harness from choking your dog.

  • Great for dog with the weight range of 30 – 55lbs
  • Unescapable “Y” no-tear harness gives complete control
  • It’s choke-free
  • Reflective straps are present
  • It could be uncomfortable for your dog

4. PAWABOO dog safety vest harness – Best car harness for dogs

Best car harness for dogsThis is the best harness to put on your dog when you go for a long trip or just a simple drive out. Dogs can be very distracting when they’re in the car. There’s always the fear they may fall off or they could just jump in front of you while you drive.

The harness helps to prevent any of those scenarios from occurring. You can easily connect to the harness to your seat belt via its loop hook attachment.

It’s the ideal harness for medium-sized dogs. Its neck girth falls between 10.24 – 14.57 inches. The width of your dog’s chest should fall with the range 16.93 – 20.47 inches. Apart from cars, the harness can be used outdoors for a gentle walk. It has features that help to prevent choking.

The harness is made of oxford fabric. It’s durable soft and lightweight. Putting it on is as easy as taking it off, because of its overall simple design.

  • Great for medium and small dogs
  • Simple design
  • It connects easily with your car
  • Padded broad sponge chest is present for protection and comfort
  • Webbings for the buckle is slippery
  • It can be chewed through easily
  • Not ideal for large dogs

5. ICEFANG tactical dog harness – Best no pull harness for large dogs

Best no pull harness for large dogsThere is a no-pull front clip on for easy control of your dog’s direction and it also you to make your dog stand upright when you pull the leash. In summary, the no-pull clip allows you full control with little effort. There’s a durable handle available. If you’re moving in crowds, the handle is there to have full control of the while walking it. The handle also helps to lift your dog into and out of the car.

This harness is a combination of 2 individual components fixed together in which they both provide 4 adjustable positions. The design prevents rubbing and its escape-proof. Large dogs aren’t a problem for this harness as it possesses 2 metal buckles located on the shoulder position which passed the 1000lbs proof-load test.

Hands-free carrying is encouraged as the harness possesses two strips of molle sewn to the sides. This allows your dog to your gear while you hike. You can as well attach your dog’s bowl, water bottle, and toy via the D ring-shaped carabiner.

  • Your dog gets to carry loads of its own
  • Great for large dogs with a lot of pulling strength
  • The harness allows for easy maneuvering of your dog’s direction
  • It has a comfortable fit and it doesn’t slip out easily
  • D ring may not be strong enough
  • If your dog is large enough it can chew through

6. Canine equipment ultimate dog harness – Best harness for pulling dogs

Best harness for pulling dogsDogs with bad leash behavior such as pulling trained easily with this harness. It’s designed in such a way it evenly distributes weight across the chest and shoulders for avoiding unnecessary pressure on the dog’s throat and back. Don’t worry about the harness slipping off. It’s adjustable enough to give your dog that perfect fit.

The harness can fit large dogs comfortably. The girth sizes fall between 29 – 39 inches and the weight in which this harness can take falls between 40 – 75lbs. the harness also offers protection and traction with its heavy-duty padding and fleece lining respectively. Your dog may need several sessions for it to get used to the harness design system.

A Safety snap shackle is present. It helps to provide a quick release from your joring system. Be it a rainy, snowy or hot season, the harness can take it. This is due to its durable material and sturdy build.

  • Great for large-sized dogs
  • Adjustable enough to make a perfect fit
  • It provides traction and protection
  • The overall design is simple and easy to put on
  • Great for dogs that pull
  • Chest space could be excessive

7. Eagloo dog harness – Best walking harness for dogs

Best walking harness for dogsThis is the best harness for dogs with a larger chest girth which falls within the range of 17 – 34 inches. It has a no-pull design and it offers better control with its 2 zinc-alloy rings located on the dog’s chest and back. As your dog pull, you can utilize the ring on it chest to easily control and maneuver your dog’s direction when walking it. If you’re looking to just simply walk your dog comfortably, it’s best to utilize the back ring. Overall, theirs is no stress on the dog’s neck and choking isn’t a possibility.

It is very easy to put on your dog and its same for taking it off. This possible due to the quick snap buckles. With the straps at the chest and neck, you can achieve that perfect fit for your dog. So you can comfortably go for walking, hiking, running, jogging and all other daily activities.

  • It has a no-pull design and it offers better control
  • Great for dog with large chest girths
  • Easy to wear and adjust
  • It rubs a bit on your dog’s armpit
  • It can be chewed on easily
  • It has no strap control

8. RUFFWEAR multi-use support dog harness – Best running harness for dogs

Best running harness for dogsThis is harness is anatomically designed for your canine friend that has the nose for adventure and thirst for speed, its overall build and design is durable and it has a lightweight feel. It resilient, rugged and ready for challenges for years to come. The harness is suitable for activities such as hiking, running, jogging and other daily activities.

In terms of comfort and ease of use, the harness is on point. The straps are foam-padded which is mean to provide your dog with lasting comfort whilst keeping your dog’s movement smooth. There’s a reinforced handle that’s to be used for lifting your above or below obstacles. Don’t worry about the harness slipping off, as the harness possesses 5 convenient points of adjustment to ensure that perfect fit.

The clip for leash attachment is located on the back just in front of its reinforced handle.

  • Padded foams provide protection and comfort
  • It has a durable build that lasts
  • It’s adjustable enough to fit your dog perfectly
  • Great for trail running
  • It could be heavy for your dog
  • It could be too long

9. Babyltrl silver big dog harness – Best harness for strong dogs

Best harness for strong dogsThis harness will give you ultimate control over your stubborn dog. One of its key features is its unique triangularly connected straps located on the back which helps to strengthen the harness against big dogs that pull. Babyltrl’s harness is one of the most tear-resistant harnesses you can in today’s market.

It can handle breeds of dogs such as American bully, Pitbull, Labrador, and GSD. Given its chest girth range for this harness, the model falls between 25-35 inches.

Your dog is sure to fit right into it as long as it falls within the required chest girth range as stated earlier. If it still doesn’t fit you can simply adjust the straps and the snap buckles till it’s fitted so that both and your dog can perform daily activities with no issues.

It has a great no-pull design which consists of 2 sturdy metal D-rings on the front/back range for attaching a leash. The frontal clip is for discouraging pulling and the clip on the back is meant for relaxed walking. Choking is prevented as the pulling pressure by the dog is evenly distributed around the harness.

  • It trains your dog not to pull
  • Its design is simple and easy to adjust
  • It is highly resistant to tear
  • It possesses reflective straps for safety at night
  • Straps can be chewed through

10. AutoWT dog safety vest harness – Best travel harness for dogs

Best travel harness for dogsThis is one of the best travel harnesses to consider. While your dog is in the car with this vest on, it can be strapped tight to prevent incidents like your dog jumping out the window. Apart from car use, the harness can also be worn outdoors just like a regular one.

This is possible because it comes with a retractable dog leash. Another great thing about the harness is that it’s made out of double mesh fabric with a flannelette edge which is attached to 4 PP material strap.

Its adjustable design enables a comfortable fitting which will help relieve the pressure caused by the seat belt. With the two buckles located on the chest part of the harness, it should be easy for your dog to wear it. Small or medium-sized dogs to be specific. If it doesn’t fit or it’s too tight, there are 4 buttons available on the harness strap which you can easily adjust until it fit your dog perfectly.

  • Sturdy build and adjustable design
  • Great for traveling
  • Comes with its retractable leash
  • Very safe to use
  • It could be too bulky for your dog

Taking full control of your dog while walking it is very essential to you both personally and legally. Best for things to not go wrong, as it could be very bad for you personally and legally. With all that in mind, owners tend to forget about comfort which should also be considered essential.

Dog harnesses provide better control and comfort. There’re various designs and styles available in the market. Each of them has their specialty. Going to the market with none or very little knowledge of dog harnesses or anything at all can lead you to buy the wrong product which is great for one thing but not exactly what you want.

Keep reading and you’ll be provided with a breakdown of the basic types or designs of dog harnesses which are great for providing safety and comfort for your dog. At the same time reduce the pulling stress owners usually experience.

Each type of dog harnesses come with their pros and cons. That way, you get to measure things out pretty easily.

Here we go…

Types of dog harness

Here are several designs of dog harnesses that are guaranteed to provide you and your dog comfort. At the same time, you get to have full control. 

Back clip harness

This is the type of harness that has a leash attachment directly on its back. This harness has a safe design in which most dogs won’t have a hard time adjusting to, especially the small ones. Since small dogs have a very delicate throat that can be easily damaged by a collar, this harness design helps to prevent stress on the throat.

Speaking of stress, the design I great for calm owners that don’t stress/yank the leash constantly. It discourages pulling. If you happen to be an untrained owner who stress the leash a lot, it can lead to you creating a sled-pull action. Where you’ll be left dragged along in the places of the sled. 

Pros of using a back-clip harness

  • It very easy to put on and your dog will enjoy a comfortable fit
  • Unlike collars, this harness such as this type helps to reduce stress on your dog’s neck. Thereby by protecting it from damage
  • It’s less likely for your dog’s leash to get tangled on its legs, as the leash is hooked directly on its back
  • This type of harness comes in various decorative styles that’ll make your dog look a lot cuter   


  • This is not the best harness for your dog if it’s a stubborn one.
  • It offers little control to pulling the leash of you, jumping, or any general display of aggression.

Front-clip Harness

This type of harness has its leash attachment located directly on the chest of your dog. This is preferred amongst trainers because it helps to reduce pulling by your dog and you get to have more control over the direction at which your dog moves. Also, you could even redirect your dog comfortably to face you.


  • You have more control. It’s great for a with poor leash manners
  • Directionally steering your dog is a lot easier, given the leash attachment is placed on the dog’s chest
  • Easy to put on
  • Comfortable fit


  • The leash can get easily tangled under your dog’s front legs if too much slack is given

Tightening harness

This is the best harness for dogs with behavior issues. It tightens and adds pressure to the dog’s pull. Thereby discouraging it from pulling and training it to walk while on a looser leash. Out of the types of harness explained in this post, this type, in particular, can be uncomfortable. That is, as long as the dog displays behavioral issues.

When considering this type of harness make sure to check it out, as some variations of this type of harness can cause your dog to suffer corrective sharp pains that are not recommended. Look for the gentle one and not just some pain-inducing-harness. The result may not be good behavior, it’d rather cause your dog to be more aggressive.


  • It’s very easy to put on a dog
  • It’s supposed to add slight pressure, which is great for rehashed pullers 


  • There are varieties of harnesses that can cause pain to your dog. Beware of them
  • It doesn’t necessarily teach your dog to walk on loose leashes, but it teaches them to not to pull this type harness.

Best Harness for Dogs

What you need to do before buying a harness for your dog

Measure it up

Make sure to measure your dog to determine the best thickness and size for its size, breed, and age. If your dog is young and still growing, check out the fit of the harness. The harness that fits your dog today may not tomorrow. 

Does your dog need a padded harness?

If your dog is a short-haired breed, it can benefit from padding. It helps to prevent your dog from rubbing and skin irritation. Apart from maintaining its healthy skin, a padded harness tend to a bit of style to your dog’s looks. Anytime you take your dog out for a walk, expect some compliments.

What kind of material is best for your dog?

Is your dog a chewer? Then you should get a harness made out of a material that can’t be easily chewed up. Leather is the best option at this point. If it’s the rainy season or your dog tends to swim a lot, its best to get a harness made out of a material that dries up easily. Dogs that get dirty easily need a harness that is made out of a material which is a lot easier to clean.

 Do you need it to be extra visibility?

The reason why this should be considered is to help locate your dog easily. If you were to go hiking or camping and its dark. It can be a lot harder to find it. It’s best to get a harness with high-visibility. Some harnesses make use of reflective materials, others make use of LED lights.

Do you want it to be constricting?

If your dog is one with a bad leash behavior, you can get him a tight harness which is recommended by a vet. Make you don’t buy a harness that is so constrictive it hurts your dog. The wrong pulling force by you can seriously damage your dog’s ribs and its internal organs.

Do you want a front-clip or back-clip harness?

The front-clip is best for maneuvering the direction in which you walk. It’s best for walking dogs and changing directions. The back-clip is for calm trainers with dogs that no longer pull or jump around. It gives comfort to both the owner and the dog.

The front-clip harness is great for large dogs whilst the back-clip is the best for small dogs. If you use a back-clip harness on a large dog, the results can be devastating. It could very well lead to the sled-dog effect. This will encourage the large dog to pull harder.

How to put on a dog harness

Here are the steps to put on a standard harness for your dog

Make sure to sit, stand, or squat near your dog to put him in a resting position (standing or sitting). And then slip the harness over your dog’s head in such a way the harness’s D ring is on your dog’s back (or chest). With the wider loops going in first and the narrow one going in second.

The next step is to slip your dog’s limbs through each of the proper leg holes. Make sure the buckle reaches. If not, then loosen the strap until it does.

Once you’ve buckled the harness, adjust it so it’s not tight. Slip in two fingers under any strap to see if it’s too tight. Loosen the straps once you feel your fingers are tight. 


Does it hurt my dog when it wears a harness?
As long as the harness is well-designed the answer is no. they are mostly padded with straps that have spread the pressure on a wider surface area.
Can I leave the harness on my dog all the time?
Yes you can. It’s very safer. The only reason why you would remove them is to prevent it from being chewed up.
Should my puppy wear a harness?
It depends. What’s the breed and temperament of your puppy? If it’s one that needs attention and is controlled, a harness is the best option. A gentler one to be specific.


So there you have it…10 best harness for your dog this 2019. Each with its unique design and specialty. If you want things to be a lot easier, you can just go ahead and check out our best pick. if that doesn’t meet your requirements there are 9 other more harnesses for you to choose from.

With the guide provided you should already have a great idea of the type of harness you want. You’ve been given the types of harness designs in today’s market with each of them having their pros and cons. That way you can better measure out which is the best for your dog. Along with that are a few things you have to consider to get the best dog harness. Things like what type of material? Front-clip or back clip and so on…

And finally the Frequently Asked Questions. They should be able to answer one or some of your specific questions on the best harness for dogs.

Check out this video on how to fit five of the main types of dog harnesses:

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10 Best Harness for Dogs Buyer's Guide & Reviews 2019

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