Complete Guide: 10 Best No Pull Dog Harness to Buy in 2019

Complete Guide: 10 Best No Pull Dog Harness to Buy in 2019

If you recently adopted a pet, training him/her to walk with you, might be a dilemma at times. At times, a simple combination of collar and leash isn’t enough to train dogs, especially heavy-weight dogs or large dogs. In situations like these, the best no pull dog harness can turn out to be the best solution.

Of course, we know that you love your pet as he/she has become a crucial part of your family. However, ensuring his/her safety is a must. Here is where a dog harness comes into play. A dog harness is a crucial gear for adventure dogs.

Following this obedience training and dog’s comfort is a must. Every dog has a different body type, personality, as well as a walking pattern. That is why a harness is crucial for your beloved pet. A pair of the best no pull dog harness helps gently discourage the instances of aggressive pulling shown by pets. Essentially, it is the nirvana for dog training.

Apart from this, a reliable set of no pull dog harness helps you keep the dog walking straight in line while you train and exercise him. In this guide, we are going to list out the best no-pull harnesses available in the market. Before we go ahead, peek at our top picks for reliable harnesses available on websites such as Amazon.

Our Top Pick

Krugo Tru-Fit Smart No Pull Dog Harness

Best No Pull Dog Harness for Large DogsKey Features

  • Multiple size variants to fit any dog
  • Quick-release plastic buckles
  • Padded chest area for comfort

A Glance

From our list of the 10 best No-Pull Dog Harness gears, our personal favorite is the Krugo Tru-Fit Smart No Pull Dog Harness. It comes in a wide range of sizes variety from XS (Extra Small) to XL (Extra Large). The best feature of Krugo Tru-Fit is the fact that it caters to the buyers a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.

The gear caters extreme comfort during long walks with no strain on the chest due to add-on pads. While most harnesses are designed to suit a specific age group, the Krugo Tru-Fit is perfect for the long run.

Add to that, the bonus of pet owners being able to pick two different positions for leash attachment. All-in-all, these fantastic features make the Krugo-Tru harness our favorite pick among the top market choices.

Top 10 Best No Pull Dog Harness Reviews

1. PetSafe Easy Walk – Best No Pull Dog Harness for Boxers

Best No Pull Dog Harness for BoxersPetSafe is a brand known for its simple construct when it comes to pet products. This particular harness comes as an easy-to-use yet effective design. In simple terms, this specific harness prevents your pet (in this case, a dog) from pulling on you when you are out for his/her daily walks.

The Easy Walk Harness comes with a leash-form attachment, located at the forefront right below the collarbone of the dog. In turn, it prevents the risk factors associated with choking. It has been designed to support medium-build dogs such as Boxers.

Furthermore, the harness lets you guide your pet towards your side while discouraging any instance of leash pulling. Apart from the benefits catered by this gear, it is easily cleaned with high durability that lasts for years to come. However, if you plan to take your pet out at night, you might want to add a reflective material as it comes with none.

  • Comes in multiple color palette
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy cleanup process
  • Adjustable straps ensure even pressure distribution
  • Lacks padding which might lead to chafing on the pet’s skin

2. Krugo Tru-Fit Smart-Best No Pull Dog Harness for Large Dogs

Best No Pull Dog Harness for Large DogsAre you in need of a comfortable yet durable harness for your dog who won’t give up pulling? If yes, then this Tru-Fit harness by Krugo is just what you need. It is available in 5 different adjustment points which helps you take charge of how it fits over your pet. Apart from that, this particular gear comes with highly functional quick-release buckles that make removing or installing the harness an easy and quick task.

In order to add comfort for the dog, the harness is designed with padding at specific areas that prevent chafing issue. As it is a sturdy harness, it can be used with both large as well as small dogs. You can purchase it in different size variants. Unfortunately, if you are seeking a harness with reflective material, you might be out of luck.

  • Available in multiple size variants
  • Adjustable straps cater to the perfect fit
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Soft padding keeps the pet comfortable during walks
  • Doesn’t house reflective material for night walks

3. Ruffwear – Best Front Range No-Pull Dog Harness

Best Front Range No-Pull Dog HarnessIf you are looking for a harness that helps you to train your dog, then the Ruffwear All-Day Harness is something you should check out. The leash flaunts dual attachment points both on the front as well as backside. It is sturdy to use in various training stages for your pet. Apart from that, it can be slipped through the head of your dog with ease.

This harness is famous for its reliable construct and durability. Not just that, it comes with a range of color variants. That being said, you can also store some pet treats inside the zipper pocket provided in this harness.

  • Padded chest caters maximum comfort
  • Easy removal of attachments
  • Built-in pocket system
  • Reflective strap for safety during night walks
  • Plastic connectors can break after use for months

4. LifePul Dog Harness – Best No Pull Harness for Small Dog

Best No Pull Harness for Small DogThe LifePul Dog Harness has been designed as a padded lightweight solution that caters optimum comfort. This vest-style harness helps to acquire control over the way your pet moves during his/her walks. You can quickly put it through the dog and remove it with the same ease.

If extra protection is something you need, this particular harness comes with secure lock feature on the clips. The material used for the LifePul harness is designed to feel as light as air on your dog’s back. It is constructed from breathable and durable materials which makes the harness perfectly comfortable for long walks.

  • Comes in multiple colors and sizes
  • Adjustable straps that provide a custom secure fit
  • Features a buckling system with a quick-release option
  • Straps require frequent cleaning from inside

5. RabbitGoo – Best No Pull Dog Harness UK

Best No Pull Dog Harness UKLooking for a hassle-free harness design? The RabbitGoo No-Pull harness comes with an off/on easy-to-use design that can be put on your dog with no hassles. Furthermore, the pet gear comes with the D-ring towards the back, which allows you to switch easily between various attachment points. The conventional design will enable you to distribute the pressure evenly throughout the body of your dog.

If you want to prevent any risks from pulling or choking, the RabbitGoo should be your first choice for pet harness.

  • Adjustable straps that ensure a secure fit
  • Reflective material straps for safer night walks
  • Breathable and soft material for additional comfort
  • Might cause some skin irritation

6. Spron Dog Harness – No Choke, No Pull Humane Design

Best No Pull Dog HarnessIf you are looking for an ergonomic and practical option for your pet, Spron Harness is the way to go. This particular harness features a vest-type option which discourages your pet from pulling the leash during walks. It can easily be used for dogs regardless of their breed and ages.

This fantastic gear is available in 3 size variants to help you pick the right size for your pet friend. That being said, this harness also boasts of a premium and sturdy quality. The Spron Dog Harness flaunts a humane choke-free design that aims to remove any chances of choking while your dog wears it.

  • Designed with top quality nylon
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Constant or aggressive pulling might lead to accelerated wearing and tearing

7. PetLove – Best No Pull Dog Harness for Pitbull

Best No Pull Dog Harness for PitbullDo you love taking long walks with your pet pooch? The PetLove Dog Harness is developed as a perfect back-clip harness which flaunts the presence of a secure hand grip. It is also available in 8 different sizes for buyers. This dog gear has been designed with the use of lightweight yet breathable and durable mesh.

The harness also carries the reflective threading feature, which makes night walks perfectly safe. Given its design, the harness is smooth to put on as well as remove from your pet. If you are looking for the right gear for your massive-sized dog, the PetLove harness can be perfect.

It has the best loading capacity, given its high tensile strength. It is comfortable as well as lightweight, which helps you to avoid any discomfort for the dog, especially in the chest and neck area.

  • Scratch-resistant durable material
  • Multiple colors and size variant
  • Features reflective material
  • Some users complain with regards to the fitting

8. EXPAWLORER Big Dog No Pull Harness with Soft Reflective Strap

Best No Pull Dog HarnessGet absolute command over your big boys by bringing home the Expawlorer Harness. Trending among the popular options in the online market this particular product is available in 5 size variants. This gear makes it easy for you to find the best fit for the pets. This no-pull harness houses two secure attachment points located towards the back and front areas.

Most of all, the harness has a lightweight build with reflective threading that enhances night-time visibility. Add to that the features such as wear-proof and breathable cloth. The Big Dog Harness by Expawlorer has a neoprene padding which adds to the comfort of your pet during walks. To secure the harness, you get a leash that can be fastened with stainless steel material D-ring.

  • Reflective straps for safer night walks
  • Designed for large dogs
  • Paddings that add extra comfort
  • Available in various colors and sizes
  • Tends to slide off with larger and stronger dogs

9. 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness

Best No Pull Dog Harness If you have an aggressive pet friend at home, it is advised that you should purchase the 2 Hounds No-Pull harnesses. This harness is a special gear help you to curb behavior instead of terrifying your pet. The gear is highly useful to counteract aggressive pullers.

Even though it looks similar to the horse rein, it is entirely pet-friendly. The complete set includes a sturdy front least, which helps you take charge of the dog while steering him towards your side. The 2 Hounds harness has been designed to eliminate pulling behavior noted among pet dogs.

Plus, the gear houses an attachment towards the rear half making it the perfect double-ended harness. Among the products listed in this guide, this one has the broadest range of colors for buyers.

  • Easy adjustability with maximum comfort
  • Four different adjustment points
  • Available in 12+ color options
  • Soft velvety lining that prevents irritation and chafing
  • Doesn’t carry a reflective material

10. Softouch Sense-Ation No-Pull Harness for Dog Training

Best No Pull Dog HarnessAnother in-demand harness in the market, this particular harness by Softouch is just what you need for teaching everything your puppy needs to know. You can also use it for the grownup dogs. The front harness attachment points allow the dogs to walk right beside you. Known for manufacturing products with added comfort Softouch Sense-Ation’s No Pull training harness is very reliable in the long run.

The gear includes sturdy O-rings crafted with steel material plated with nickel. It ensures extra longevity with secured connection points. The inclusion of reflective material in this harness makes it perfect for night walks.

  • Heavy-duty buckles with nylon webbing
  • Easy fit
  • Doesn’t provide a secure and snug fit

Buying Guide for No Pull Dog Harness

Types of No-Pull Dog Harness

While it is evident that controlling larger animals is crucial, most dog owners buy it to help stop the pulling issue during walks. Though daily dog training helps control the aggressive nature of your dog, a comfortable leash can support your training process. The right harness can help you achieve access to an obedient pet. So, here is a list of common variants for a no-pull dog harness.

  • Back-Clip Harness: This is the most common harness which fits towards the front-half of the pooch along with the chest. The leash can be clipped on to the top half of your dog harness. This variant of no-pull harness reduces a substantial amount of pulling by the animal. The harness is focused on protecting the neck while preventing any traditional collar injury.
  • Chest-Clip Harness: In this case, the harness tends to fit the pooch in the same way as the back-clip harnesses. The chest-clip harness, as mentioned in the name, hugs snugly around the front and the chest area. However, with the chest-clip harness, it is better to prevent any pulling as it forces the dog’s head backward.
  • Back & Chest-Clip Harness: This no-pull harness variant is highly functional for uncontrollable dogs. The back & chest-clip harness is known to cater comfortable yet firm hold over the movements of the dog. The leash is attached with two clips atop the harness which effectively doubles the grip over your dog.

Best No Pull Dog Harness

Factors to Consider Before Buying Best No Pull Dog Harness

When it comes to no pull dog harness, no single feature holds for all. The combination of multiple features helps prolong the life, durability, and maneuver of the harness. While one is resistant to chewing, others might be cozy in the fitting. 

  • Chest Plates: Some harnesses flaunt chest plates that are padded for comfort. This addition helps spread out the pressure. Your next walk becomes more comfortable for the dog while you obtain more control.
  • Vest Harness: Vest harness, as the name suggests, fits snugly like a vest. They work well with untrained dogs that tend to pull. You can often notice them on the service dogs or can be used as a fashion accessory.
  • Training Halti: Training Halti is more like head collars that flaunt straps around the dog’s muzzle. It is relatively similar to the ones worn by horses. With Halti, movement control is way more comfortable. Make sure that Halti is a crucial faction of your dog training regime.

Tips to Buy the No Pull Dog Harness

When used correctly, the harness shall fit nicely around your pet’s frame without being constraining. This harness gear spreads out the pressure with the use of the pulling method throughout the shoulders and chest of the pet. Here is how you can buy the best no-pull harness for your dog.

  • Measure Chest Area: The first thing you need to do before purchasing the no-pull harness is to measure the fullest part of the dog’s chest. Pick a tape and write down the number. This area is usually a few inches behind the front legs of the dogs.
  • Add 2-Inches to Average Chest Area: Getting a no-pull harness with the present size of your dog might soon become an issue as he/she grows or gains weight. You would surely want your harness to last for the long run. The key is to add 2 inches to the total measured chest area. It will avoid the harness from becoming uncomfortable and tight with time.
  • Measure Neck Circumference: It is crucial to measure the neck circumference as well. Although many harnesses might not require this configuration, you should note it down. Unless you are sure of the harness, you want to buy, lean on the safer side and measure the neck circumference.
  • Check the Dog’s Weight: The next thing on your list is to check the weight of your dog. Check the prescription slip from your previous visit to your vet. They always note down the weight of your pooch. However, if your pet has recently gained some weight, it is vital to get it checked before getting the no-pull harness.


Will harness for dog avoid pulling behavior?
A no-pull harness for dog consists of back attachment which tightens when your pet tries to pull. It can aid in the prevention of pulling behavior as well as any possible escape.
Is it fine if my dog wears the harness all day long?
Yes, your pet can wear the harness throughout the day. However, it is recommended that you take them off during nap times as they might restrict movement during sleep.
Do no-pull harnesses hurt dogs?
Harnesses cater to additional control as opposed to standard collar or leash combination. They also help prevent any undue stress on the dog’s trachea or neck.


There are several reasons that your dog might need a harness. Starting with the reduction of pulling many other issues can be corrected with the use of a sturdy, comfortable, and snug-fitting harness. If a dog is gigantic and might try & bolt out on you, harnesses make it easier for you to control the pets. With the marketplace going online, you can easily find the best no pull dog harness without having to step out of your comfort zone.

At the popular online stores such as Amazon, you can get access to a large variety of the no-pull dog harnesses. You can also narrow down the criteria with accords to the requirements such as comfort, training, pulling, etc. The thing that is clear with this buying guide is the fact that you must note the size of your pet correctly. An ill-fitting harness might cause a considerable amount of discomfort for your pooch. It can inhibit the pet’s stride & cause severe issues of skin chafing.

Once you pick up the perfect size, you need to learn the right way to put up the harness with no frustration. A key to note-Dog treats might help you in the secure handling of the entire training process with the use of the harness. Make sure you tweak the harness to ensure that everything should fit snugly. However, you also need to keep in mind that there is enough space for at least two fingers to fit through the straps. Use this extensive guide to find the best no pull dog harness and walk the roads with your dog like never before!

Complete Guide: 10 Best No Pull Dog Harness to Buy in 2019

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