10 Best Puppy Toys Buyer’s Guide & Reviews – 2019

10 Best Puppy Toys Buyer’s Guide & Reviews – 2019

When you bring a new puppy home, you want him to feel loved and adjust properly in its new home. So also, when it comes to giving gifts, your puppy is not left out. Generally, puppies have some specific needs and they also live as an individual. Therefore, accommodating their private needs will help you pick the right gift for your puppy. One of the favorite activities of puppy owners is going to a pet store and buying their lovely puppies some toys.

Choosing the best puppy toys out of the countless puppy toys in the market could be difficult. To help you with this, we’ve taken our time to review the 10 best puppy toys in 2019. Also, we have included a buying guide, to know what features to consider as well as what to avoid when choosing one of these toys. We are sure that after reading this review, you will be well convinced about what puppy toy to go for. 

To get you started, watch this cute puppies playing with their toys:

Our Top Pick

KONG Puppy Rubber Chew and Treat Toy

Best Puppy Teething ToysKey Features

  • Aids crate training and reduces separation anxiety
  • Promotes proper chewing behavior
  • Shapes unpredictable behavior

A Glance

Out of all the puppy toys reviewed below, the KONG Rubber Chew Best Puppy Teething Toys claims the spot as our best puppy toy in the market.

This teething toy is very durable and suitable for both small dogs and aggressive chewers. It is also safe enough and can be left in your little dog’s crate without supervision.

With this toy, your puppy learns the appropriate chewing behavior; the toy also offers mental enrichment. It is made with a special teething formula that ensures the gums and teeth of your puppy are covered. It has the recommendation of trainers, veterinarians, and behavior trainers worldwide.

Top 10 Best Puppy Toys with Reviews

1. Kong Goodie Bone – Best Puppy Chew Toys

Best Puppy Chew ToysThe Kong Goodie Bone Best Puppy Chew Toys is best for small and medium dogs. It has been gaining positive reviews on Amazon from more than 100 customers.

This chew toy is made of very strong material and it serves its purpose properly. This chew toy is used like a fetch stick which is reliable and safe. It also helps in soothing the gums and cleaning your puppy’s teeth.

This product is manufactured in the USA, so you can be sure of its reliability and durability. It also comes in three different sizes: L, M, and S, and each of these sizes come in different assorted colors: Blue and Pink; this color could also vary (pink or baby blue)

  • Great for puppies and small dogs
  • It comes as a chew toy and can be filled with kibbles
  • Comes in different sizes and colors
  • Some puppies could be aggressive chewers and then rip off this toy in the process

2. KONG Rubber Chew – Best Puppy Teething Toys

Best Puppy Teething ToysWith almost 2000 reviews from Amazon customers, the KONG Rubber Chew Best Puppy Teething Toys is one of the well-known dog toys in the market today.

This teething toy is very durable and suitable for both small dogs and aggressive chewers. Due to its toughness, it is safe enough and can be left with your small pooch in its crate without supervision.

This toy teaches your puppy the appropriate chewing behavior and offers mental enrichment. It is made with a special teething formula that ensures the gums and teeth of your puppy are covered. It has the recommendation of trainers, veterinarians, and behavior trainers worldwide.

  • Aids crate training and reduces separation anxiety
  • Promotes proper chewing behavior
  • Shapes unpredictable behavior
  • Great for your small dog while playing fetch
  • Dogs may lose interest if the toy is not filled up with food.

3. Nylabone Key Ring Bone – Best Puppy Toys to Keep them Busy

Best Puppy Toys to Keep them BusyThe Nylabone Key Ring Bone Best Puppy Toys to keep them Busy is another great toy for puppies having positive results on Amazon. It has an irregular shape, texture, and offers dogs different surface choices and feeling while chewing on the toy. In case, there’s a need for some variety, rotate the toys.

This puppy toy teaches your pup to have healthy chewing habits as well as keep them busy. It is a soft toy made specifically for teething puppies. This toy also contains the special bacon flavor which is loved by dogs.

  • Soft enough for small dogs to enjoy chewing on
  • Many moving parts, which makes sound anytime the toy is shaken
  • Toy is perfect for interactive games like fetching, game of tugs, or throwing
  • This puppy toy cannot be stocked with food

4. Mavel Large Toy – Best Interactive Puppy Toys

Best Interactive Puppy ToysRope toys for dogs have been gaining wide recognition lately, and the Mavel Large Toy Best Interactive Puppy Toys is no exception. 

This rope toy is great for owners who have time to play with their dogs. As a very interactive toy, it is great for chewing, tossing, and tugging. This puppy toy is great for all sizes of dogs, most especially the aggressive chewers.

With this chew toy, the jaws of your dog will be strengthened and his teeth kept clean. It is very durable, made from 100% natural cotton for the interior and polyester for the exterior. Due to its long-lasting strength and heavy-duty construction, this toy is ranked among the very best dog toys.

  • Puppies love playing with ropes, which makes it a great option for the game of tug
  • Suits aggressive chewers
  • It is long-lasting
  • Ropes may be fairly hard but could be broken down easily by dogs showing aggressive signs as puppies

5. Trixie Pet Products – Best Puppy Puzzle Toys

Best Puppy Puzzle ToysThe Trixie Pet Best Puppy Puzzle Toys offers many difficulty levels in just one game to keep your little furry friend busy. 

This puzzle toy requires your puppy to use their noses/paws and mouths to shift and lift pieces. It features three difficulty levels that can easily be randomized and adjusted each time. It also features non-slip feet made of rubber that lets your puppy push and poke the toy without the toy sliding around or toppling over.

It is also easy to clean and machine washable. You may need to give your puppy an initial training to help him gain easy access to the treats.

  • The difficulty of this toy can be adjusted 
  • It is easy to clean and machine washable
  • Has different settings
  • You may have to give your dog some initial training

6. Nylabone Dura Chew Stick – Best Lab Puppy Toys

Best Lab Puppy ToysThe Nylabone Dura Chew Best Lab Puppy Toys is made from very strong nylon that will keep your puppy busy and entertain him. 

The special part of this puppy toy is that even after several hours of aggressive chewing, it won’t get the smallest scratch. 

It contains bacon flavor which ensures healthy chewing for your Lab. It also comes in different sizes: the small stick toy is for puppies and smaller dogs, while the large hollow stick is for the giant dogs. 

One good thing about this puppy toy is that it can be filled with dog food, which will motivate your Labrador puppy to retrieve the food. Allow him to work hard to get the food

  • Can be filled with dog food
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Has bacon flavor for healthy chewing
  • It is very durable
  • Some dogs may dislike the flavor
  • That it is durable doesn’t mean it cannot be destroyed

7. Alvi & Remi Mini Dental Pack – Best Puppy Toys for Small Dogs

Best Puppy Toys for Small DogsAlvi & Remi as a brand has always focused on quality rather than quantity and the same applies to this Chew toy. Teething puppies usually benefit when they gnaw on sturdy ropes, and this Alvi & Remi Mini Dental Pack Best Puppy Toys for Small Dogs will bring both fun and soothing for your little puppy. 

This toy massages gums cleans teeth, prevent gum disease, and reduces plaque build-up. It has a set of ropes for your small dog and includes four durable toys. 

These ropes are made with beautiful colors and are about 9.5 inches in length, while the rope ball has a diameter of 2 inches. This rope toy is highly recommended for both teething puppies as well as small and medium-sized dogs

  • Massages gums and cleans the teeth 
  • Great for both teething puppies as well as small and medium-sized dogs
  • It is highly durable
  • Some dogs could start eating up this rope toy

8. Kong Wubba Assorted Colors – Best Toys for 2 Month Old Puppy

Best Toys for 2 Month Old PuppyKong Wubba Assorted Colors Best Toys for 2 month old Puppy is one of the very recent toys made by Kong and it is well known in the market.

Although it has a fragile appearance, this toy for two-month-old puppies is nylon-reinforced and very durable. Also, it is designed not to cause some irritation to the gum tissues and sensitive mouth of your puppy.

It features four long tails and two balls for interactive play and self-play. This floppy tail makes this toy easy to throw, grab, and fling. It comes in two colors: Baby blue and pink, and has a length of 8 inches. 

  • It is very durable
  • four long tails and two balls for interactive play and self-play
  • Comes in beautiful colors
  • Its durability doesn’t mean the toy cannot be damaged

9. KONG Puppy Tires – Best Toys for German Shepherd Puppy

Best Toys for German Shepherd PuppyThis is another toy coming from KONG. The KONG Puppy Tires Best Toys for German Shepherd puppy is just the puppy version of the well-known dog chew toy for adults also under the same brand KONG. 

This product was manufactured using exclusive rubber while considering the teething puppies. To give your puppy some additional bonus, the tire’s inner track is the best place to keep a treat. Rewarding your puppy using this toy as a medium will help in encouraging good chewing behaviors.

If you can give your dog this training at puppyhood, then it will be easier for you, your shoes and your furniture. This puppy toy also comes in small and large sizes.

These toys are great for chewing and for exercise purposes, can be used to play fetch.

  • Made with an exclusive rubber
  • Great for chewing and exercise purposes
  • Encourages good chewing behavior
  • Aggressive chewers may damage this toy

10. Aipper 12 Pack Teething Toys – Best Toys for 6 Week Old Puppy

Best Toys for 6 Week Old PuppyThe Aipper 12 Pack Best Toys for 6 Week Old Puppy is best to give your puppy some great fun. This pack contains 12 fun toys such as chew toys, squeaky toys, IQ treat ball, rope toys, flyer dog toy, rubber balls that easily float on water, shoe toys, etc. With this, it has enough exercise and hours of entertainment.

With this toy, the teeth of your six-week-old puppy get cleaned, massages their gums, and reliefs them of stress. It also helps to repel negative chewing and biting behavior.

This toy is also made of high quality and is non-toxic. It will be very difficult for your six-week-old puppy to break this toy from a bite.

It also comes in different beautiful colors, which makes them attractive and are good for small and medium-sized dogs.

  • Varieties of toys for your puppy’s amusement
  • Repels negative chewing and biting behavior
  • It has high quality and it is non-toxic
  • Its 12-month warranty seems short compared to other products

What to Consider when Buying Toys for Your Puppy

Toys have to be soft

The toys must be soft enough to give your puppy some relief. It must also be tough enough. However, this toy shouldn’t be very hard as it could damage your puppy’s gums.

Should be Shatterproof

This toy has to be shatterproof to prevent it from breaking into pieces. If not, you might have to pay for a costly surgery as a result of your puppy ingesting the toys that have been shattered into smaller fragments.

Appropriate Size

Ensure that the toy you’re going for has the right size for your puppy. For instance, a toy meant for a Chihuahua puppy may not be appropriate for your Great Dane Puppy. So, you must be careful while choosing the right toy according to the size of your dog.

Go for Toys having Different Textures and Shapes

Most puppies have their likes and dislikes. You would love to try different textures and shapes of toys too. They may lose interest in a toy when they become very familiar with it. Also, withdrawing a particular toy and then returning it after a week or two, will make this toy look new to your dog.

Buy Tasty Chews, But not always

Dogs love chewing almost all the time. These days, lots of toys are made edible. It’s also great if it can be stuffed with different treats to keep your puppy happy.

Best Puppy Toys

Things to Avoid when Buying a Toy for your Puppy

Cheap Squeaky Toys

Although there are squeaky toys that are not harmful, some cheap ones pose some health risks. Your puppy could easily tear the toy apart and if they eat it up, it might cause them harm.

Toys that have BPA

Your toy must be BPA free. BPA is a chemical that could become harmful when it is swallowed even in little quantities. This chemical is usually found in some cheap toys such as those meant for dogs. 

Toys which are too small for your puppy

You should buy a toy that suits the size of your puppy

Children Toys or Toys found in Charity Shops

Although toys acquired through these means are usually cheap, this is not worth compromising your dog’s safety. It’s okay to try and save some money, but consider the negative effect this could have on your dog.

Toys having a similar look with household items

Buying your dog a toy that looks like any household item i.e. a rubber slipper is a bad move. This is because, when they can’t lay their hands on this toy, they could pounce on a similar object like your shoes to chew. Toys looking like a cushion, slippers, TV remote, or shoe, must be avoided.

Tips for Keeping the interest of your Puppy on a High

If your puppy no longer finds their toys interesting, they will search for something exciting to them to chew on. If the next available object isn’t a toy, then you could be so unlucky.

Keeping the teeth of your puppy on their toys has to do with picking the right toys. However, there are things you as an owner can do to ensure your dog is focused on his toy:

Pop toys in your freezer: A cold toy for your puppy to chew on will help relieve them of pain from inflamed gums. Your teething puppy will prefer this cold toy over your belongings.

Toy Rotation: You can also change their toys frequently. Withdrawing old toys and then keeping it for one week will make it look like a new one when you finally decide to bring it out.

Use Interactive toys: There are toys out there you can stuff with treats, and are even edible themselves. These toys can be very addictive for your pup, at least he knows there’s a reward for playing with these toys.

Frequently Asked Questions

What chew toys for puppies are best-rated?
The best-rated puppy toys are usually durable, have good quality, and fulfill the individual requirements of your puppy.

They also offer total amusement at all times. They fall within your budget and can be held off easily.

Why is it important to pick the best teething toys for your puppy?
Depending on different needs, puppies lose their teeth totally within four to eight months and then grow new teeth.

This period, your puppy may become more delightful, and failure to provide your dog with quality teething toys to help satisfy this teething instinct, your valuable appliances may suffer from it.

How to pick the right size of toy for my dog?
Most toys usually come with instructions concerning the size.

It’s best to check these guidelines as your dog’s size could have an impact on the way they interact with these toys. It could be dangerous having your puppy play with a toy that’s meant for a smaller or bigger dog.


Buying the right toy for your puppy shouldn’t be expensive for you as an owner. So far you know what to go for and what not to, then you are set.

One good advice we have for you is to buy a few items having different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some owners usually go for cheaper products; you must be careful with these products because, in a bid to spend less, you may end up spending more to treat your dog for negative experiences they encountered while using these toys or you may have to keep replacing them due to damage. However, it doesn’t mean it has to be too expensive either to give your puppy the desired pleasure. 

With the right toys, your home will be kept intact. Always choose toys with positive reviews on Amazon and those offering discount rates. All the best puppy toys reviewed above are great for puppies, and with our buying guide, you should have no issues making your pick.

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10 Best Puppy Toys Buyer's Guide & Reviews - 2019

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