10 Best Wireless Dog Fence: 2019 Buying Guide & Reviews

10 Best Wireless Dog Fence: 2019 Buying Guide & Reviews

Your dog should exercise. Move around. Enjoy its freedom. But still, it can’t have all these every day and everywhere. Your neighbors would not approve your pet and the cars passing by while your playful dog is running around free is a huge risk that has to be avoided.

Taking a look at things, a fence is a good idea. You get to control the space your dog enjoys, where it can be safe. The best and less costly option is to get the best wireless dog fence in the market. It’s much better than traditional wood fences or even the high tech wired one.

The mechanism in which the wireless dog fences work is very effective at training your dog. More of it is ready for you in the guide below, where you’ll find ample enough information to become a detailed buyer of the product.

Our Top Pick

PetSafe wireless dog and cat containment system

Reasons why we recommend this product

Best wireless invisible dog fenceKey Features

  • Easy to set up
  • Strong battery life
  • Circular boundary field

A Glance

The key feature here is the setup. Very easy. Nothing complicated. All you have to do is find a suitable spot for the transmitter and the rest is easy.

It covers just half an acre of land, which makes the containment system great for your home space. You can set up the field by simply adjusting the dial on the transmitter. If your home has an irregular shape, don’t worry. The boundary of the field is circular so everywhere is sure to be covered.

Another reason why we recommend this product is the accessories that come with it. A collar with strong battery life and its charges quick. It even has long and short contact points for your long-haired and short-haired do respectively. You have more than enough flags to plant so your dog will be trained a lot faster.

12 best wireless dog fence with reviews

1. PetSafe pet containment system – Best wireless invisible dog fence

Best wireless invisible dog fenceWith this product, you are only able to set a field that’ll cover at most half an acre of your yard with a diameter of about 180 feet in diameter. The boundary is circular so it will be able to cover every part of the area you wish despite its irregular shape. This set of features beats the stress and expense of having to bury antennas or let alone build a physical fence.

Installation is no worry, as it will take nothing more than 2hours to set up. What you need to worry about is where to install the device. It has to be a warm, weather-proof area that has an outlet nearby. The wireless has a decent receiver collar which is battery operated (RFA-67). It can be adjusted to fit the neck size between 6-28 inches and it’s recommended for pets that weigh 8lbs and above.

The receiver is water-proof and it features a tone-only mode for training plus. There’s also the 5 adjustable levels of correction which varies according to the temperament of your pet. The best part about this product is the unlimited number of pets its can monitor at the same time, in the same system.

  • Transmitter power adaptor present
  • Strong battery life
  • Over 50 training flags
  • Water-proof collar
  • Fast set-up
  • Circular boundary field
  • Small coverage
  • The unit may be too big

2. WIEZ’s dog fence 2-in-1 – Best wireless electric dog fence

Best wireless electric dog fenceThis is a double functioned wireless dog fence that’s packed with a lot of features. WIEZ is one of the first to adopt the most advanced 2.4 GHz frequency technology which provides strong, stable, and accurate signals consistently. When in fenced mode, the device has a very wide control diameter range from 98ft to 1968 ft. good all kinds of terrain.

This dog fence comes with a good collar receiver and controller. The receiver is water-proof and it’s made mostly of eco-friendly materials. The batteries are inbuilt and also rechargeable. It takes about 2-3 hours for the receiver to charge. The transmitter requires 4 – 5 hours to charge. When on standby mode, the collar receiver can last for more than 6 months.

The collar controller system, on the other hand, combines wireless dog fence and dog training functions. Each of them features 1-6 duration action duration adjustments with a linear control range of 984ft. don’t worry about harming

your dog’s hairs, as it works with at low pressure. The overall design is thoughtful. The collar sizes range from as low as 8inches to 21 inches.

  • Ecofriendly and water-proof receiver collar
  • Offers a very wide coverage
  • Does not affect the pet’s hair
  • Great design
  • Expensive

3. Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade – Best wireless dog fence for large area

Best wireless dog fence for large areaThis is a second-generation extreme dog fence standard grade kit which covers 25 acres of land. If there are other long-range dog fences in this post, this one should be considered the most effective of its kind. The kit consists of 3 antennas and updated electronics on the collar which gives improved response. There’s also a 20 gauge wire, lots of boundary flags, and a digital transmitter.

Thecollar is water-proof. It can be submerged up to 20 feet and won’t risk being damaged. This is great for dogs that swim. The battery power is pretty strong, and the charge time is decent for the device type. It’s a heavy-duty system that is very reliable.

  • Water-proof collar
  • Strong battery life and decent charge time
  • Very reliable
  • Takes a long time to assemble
  • Doesn’t perform that well, when dealing with several determined dogs at the same time
  • There’s no instruction manual

4. NeoPaw wireless dog fence containment system – Best wireless dog fence for large dogs

Best wireless dog fence for large dogsThe best parts about this device are the wireless transmitter and the adjustable collar which is great for big dogs. The wireless transmitter is easy to set up and it runs on a battery which can last for up to 18 hours a day, so there is no need to recharge over and over again. Also, it takes only 2hours to fully charge the device.

The collar is waterproof and it’s suitable for dogs that weigh 5lbs and above with neck girth between 6-28 inches. Another great thing about the transmitter is the range. It covers as much as 2 acres of land. This enough to keep your dog in your home. 

Due to the transmitter’s portability, you can take it with you for a picnic or camping trip. Although the battery life is great, it’s not expected to be worn for more than 8hours a day.

  • It has a wide range
  • The collar suitable for large dogs with large necks
  • Transmitter is wireless
  • Decent battery life
  • Great design
  • Very easy to set up
  • The collar cannot be worn for more than 8hours
  • The coverage may not be wide enough

5. Free Spirit in-ground Fence – Best wireless dog fence for small dogs

Best wireless dog fence for small dogsThis is an in-ground wireless dog fence and comes with several desirable features. The collar system is decent. It makes use of gentle modulated vibrations and tones to warn your dog when it approaches the boundary limit. 

If your dog decides to go further, then the collar will intervene by delivering shocks according to the level you’ve selected. There are five levels to choose from, each according to your dog’s temperament.

The same wireless collar is water-proof and fully adjustable. It’s great for dogs starting from 5lbs. another great fact about the product is the ease with assembling it. It takes less time. Maintenance is also easy. It can comfortably cover one acre of land. This means it’ll be great for the home. The best part is, the device comes at a cheaper price.

  • The system can work for as many dogs as you want
  • It covers one acre of land
  • There are five levels of corrective shock
  • The collar is Water-proof and rechargeable
  • Great for a dog of smaller size
  • Inexpensive
  • Your dog may have trouble learning it easily
  • No instructions available

6. Pet Control HQ wireless electric dog fence

Best Wireless Dog FenceIt’s a bit pricey, but it’s worth it! Why? …because it has a versatile range of features which will be very good for your money. The device has two functions. One is to keep your dog safe, the other is train it.

Once the collar is on, your dog will feel shocks if it leaves the zone you’ve set for it. With time your dog will learn to not go past the boundaries. The best part about this function is how humane yet highly effective it is.

The Other function is obedience training. This can work for three dogs at the same time. If you’re worried about the level of shock it receiving, don’t too worked up.

It’s still all under your control as there are varieties of levels to choose from. With each of them fitting for all levels of your dog’s temperament. Another great part about the electric dog fence kit is the 492ft adjustable 13 gauge boundary wire which is more than adequate for your dog to move freely.

It can cover up to 10 acres of land and another with additional wires. If your dog is swimmer, no problem. The collar is water-proof. It can last under 3.3ft of water for a maximum of 30 minutes. The collar can easily fit dogs that weigh at least 11lbs and above.

  • Wide coverage
  • Shock levels to choose from
  • Great for large-sized dogs
  • Great for training your dog
  • Water-proof and rechargeable collar
  • There’s no backup battery
  • The battery runs down fast

7. SportDog 100-ACRE in-ground pet fence system

Best Wireless Dog FenceThis is one of the best in-ground pet fences in today’s market. It consists of equipment that’s good enough to cover one full acre of land. This makes the wireless fence good for homes. The backyard most especially. The collar is decent. It’s great for a dog that weighs 11lbs and above.

Assembling this pet fence in-ground is system is not hard. Its special in-ground wire which is very convenient for burying into the ground. It’s also easy to maintain. The collar system is the same as any other in various pet fence systems. They provide a corrective shock for disobedient dogs.

 A special feature of this fence system is the presence of lighting protection.

Another one is that the fence system can be expanded and utilized for more dogs at once.

  • Specially designed In-ground wires make the system easy to assemble
  • Lighting protection is present
  • Great for large dogs (starting from 10lbs)
  • There‘s no dog limit
  • Instructions are present
  • Saves your money
  • There could be insufficient amounts of flags

8. Sit Boo-Boo’s Advanced wireless electric dog fence

Best Wireless Dog FenceThis is the perfect system for your pet. It’s specially designed to prevent your dog from straying away and causing trouble. The best part about this device is that it can only be used for a single. If you have just one dog, then get yourself one! The in-ground fence system auto-adjusts itself for only one dog.

It achieves this with the help of vibrations, shocks, and static. There seven corrections setting to determine how you want your dog to be trained.

If you’re scared of the collar getting wet, don’t be as the unit is water-proof. It weather-proof as well. The unit can still be effective when it’s snowy. The fence system can even withstand lighting.

It covers a very large area of land and can still be expanded to another 20acres of land. It possesses of 500ft of copper wire. There’s no way your dog can destroy the collar. Because the collar is made from a polymer of fiberglass and Nylon.

The battery life is no problem. It a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that’s a lot better than a lithium-ion battery. This means the battery last longer, performs better, and charges quickly.

  • Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
  • Very resistant system and collar unit
  • Cover large areas of land
  • Best for a single dog
  • The system is compatible with an unlimited number of collar
  • Can’t work on multiple dogs at the same time
  • You may need to buy extra wires

9. PetSafe PIF00-12917 stay and play

Best Wireless Dog FenceThis is the dog boundary enforcer which does not require any form of cruelty. If your dog tends to overstep its bounds, with this device you can teach it how to respect them without being too harsh on the correction. It can be used on as much as 5 dogs at once.

The range in which the fence system can cover is pretty much very low. But if you plan to keep your dog within a small area, then it’s the perfect system.

Correction levels are available, as you have the freedom to choose which amount of corrective tone vibration, and shock is suitable for your dog’s stubbornness and temperament. The collar can fit the necks of small dogs that weigh 5lbs and above.

Given the system is wireless, then the installation is a lot easier. No hassles of where to bury the wires nor how to maintain them. Just place the transmitter in a weather-proof area next to an outlet left for easy recharging and you’re golden. There is some flag available for easy identification of boundaries.

  • Great for backyards
  • Can fit the necks of dogs that weigh 5lbs
  • There’s no in-ground wire that needs installing
  • The correction levels are adjustable
  • It can be used for a maximum of 5 dogs
  • The range is too small
  • May not be the best for your stubborn dog

10. PetSafe YardMax Rechargeable in-Ground fence for dogs and cats

Best Wireless Dog FenceIf you’re looking to restrict your dog’s movement, this is the perfect tool for you. It covers only 1/3 of an acre of land. It’s still good. It’s still enough space for your dog to play around.

The advantage is, neighbors won’t have to complain and the system is great for residences that don’t support keeping a pet. The crazy thing is, you can expand the acres of land to 10 acres. It solely depends on resources such as wires.

The collar can fit the neck of dogs that weigh five pounds and above. It’s also water-proof and the battery life is splendid. It takes less time to charge fully. On standby, the battery dies out in 3 weeks. You can make use of the tone and static correction feature to determine the level of correctional shocks, vibrations, and tones your dog should receive.

  • The collar is great for small dogs
  • Battery power is good
  • Fast charging
  • Water-proof collar
  • You need lots of wires to expand its coverage     
  • You could be experiencing problems with the alarm override  

Wireless vs wired dog fence

What’s a wireless dog fence?

Wireless door fence, also known as a wireless pet containment system is a transmitter that constructs a circular field where your dog is allowed to stay in. If your dog tries to get out of the space, it’ll experience electrical stimulation.

This system trains your dog to stay within the space you’ve chosen.

Advantages of a wireless dog fence

  • It’s a lot cheaper and easier to install
  • It’s great for home space


  • Lacks flexibility: this means you can’t determine the perimeter accurately. For instance, a wired dog fence is more appropriate, as you can easily adjust the perimeter in which your dog can move freely.

What’s a wired dog fence?

A Wired pet containment system consists of more physical components than its wireless counterparts. This system requires burying electrical components such as antennas into the ground in such a way that it surrounds the perimeter you’ve chosen. If the dog passes true the perimeter, it’ll experience a corrective shock to its body.

The electrical shock from the dog’s collar is generated by a transmitter which is usually installed in the garage.

Advantages of using a wired fence containment system

  • It’s more accurate
  • It’s a lot more flexible in terms of space


  • It can be expensive and not so easy to install

What to consider when buying the best wireless dog fence

Just like any other product in the market, there are certain factors you have to look at. This way, you’ll be able to get the best buy and beat the market.  Below are a few factors in which a wireless dog fence should possess:

Lightning protection

Given the wireless dog fence generates an electrical field from the transmitter, the device can experience power surges. A surge protector isn’t necessarily the solution as it’ll only protect the device from system problems that are caused by your local power company. It’s not effective against lighting. The best solution is lighting protection.

An audible line break warning

This feature allows you to be warned when the line is broken by your dog.

Back-up battery

This is a very important feature for wireless dog fences. It helps to keep the system operational after the transmitter fails. The back-up battery is a precautionary measure to avoid bad incidents for your pet dog.

Best Wireless Dog Fence

What to know before buying a wireless dog fence

How much area does the device cover?

This has to do with the performance of the transmitter. Some are designed to cover only a minute part of the land. Like, at least one acre of land. Some other transmitters can large spaces of land.

From 20-25 acres of land. It could be even more. In the end, the choice is up to you. The wireless dog fence can only cover up 1-5 acres of land. That is, as long as there’s no obstruction and the landscape is not steep-sloped.

When considering how much space you’ll need, there are still some things you need to consider: Does the field have a circular shaped boundary? – if your surroundings or home has an odd shape, then the wireless dog fences that give a field with circular boundaries are a perfect choice, as it will be able to cover up everywhere.

What’s the best size for your dog’s receiver unit? How can it weigh?

The Receiver collar which is worn around your dog’s neck is a very important piece. It receives signals from the transmitter whenever it passes the field limit. Causing the collar to give your corrective shock stimulation so it can go back to where it’s supposed to be.

There’re a lot of receiver collars which are great for your dog’s particular size. In the market, it ranges from as small as 5lbs to 250lbs.

What special feature(s) come with the collar receiver?

Receiver collar should have certain special features that’ll ensure it works perfectly.

Features like durability, waterproof, safety time out, low battery warning, rechargeable batteries, and can be compatible with multiple systems.

How many levels of static correction shock are there? Is it adjustable?

Modern electronic collars are a lot safer with their built-in safety feature which helps to prevent your dog from hurting itself. Such features include an adjustable correction shock level. This safety feature is very important as it allows you to adjust the intensity level of the static correction shock. This way, you can get good results with less amount of corrective shocks.


How old must my dog be before I begin training it?
In a way, it depends on the breed. But generally, knowledge is at least 6 months of age.
Which is the best way to take the dog out of the boundary, once it's trained to the pet Containment system?
You have to create an invisible gate. Have to take your dog through this gate yourself.
Should I keep my dog on or off the leash during the first time it receives corrections?
It is ok to keep the leash on. As an owner, you get to adjust your dog to the appropriate behavior.
For how long should leave the flags on?
You should let the flag remain for at least weeks, sometimes a month.
What does the term “safe zone” mean?
This is the area around which your dog can roam freely.
Is this a humane way to train my dog?
Yes it is. The correction is harmless to your pet. There’s no risk of your pet’s life.


So there you have…10 best wireless dog fences that will reform your dog this 2019. Train a dog requires good investments. A good wireless dog is, in fact, one of them. It allows you to have more control over them. The process may seem harsh due to the use of corrective shocks but it’s not harmful at all to them, so don’t worry. What you need to be worried about is if the dog heeds to your training.

With the guide provide you should be able to know there are also wire dog fences which are also effective but more expensive and it’s harder to assemble especially if the land is too large. After the type of dog fences, you’ve also been provided with factors to consider and what you should know before buying.

All of which are supposed to make you an informed buyer. Along with that are FAQs from which are asked by customers from sites like amazon.

Check out this video to how to set up our recommended product: PetSafe wireless dog and cat containment system:


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10 Best Wireless Dog Fence: 2019 Buying Guide & Reviews

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